This week, we’re brightening up this gloomy weather with some exciting Detroit tunes! If you need a little energy, then we have the perfect pick-me-up.

Check out our artist choices below!


1. Audra Kubat – “September

Beautiful, ambient folk with angelic vocals and story-teller fantasy.

2. Matthew Vandenbrook – “Down The Hole

Drone-heavy and industrial with dark ambient noise and otherworldly synth.

3. Bonny Doon – “Lost My Way

Lo-fi guitar and mayhem with surfy, new wave beats and energetic punk undertones.

4. Sidewatcher – “Alien Love Affair

Fast-paced punk with west coast garage band vibes.

5. Timothy Monger – “Everything

Quaint and jangling singer-songwriter with melodic guitar and a myriad of instruments.

6. Andrew Younker – “Totaled Ambulance

Bedroom, post-punk rock, smothered in fuzz and shoegaze.

7. The Painted Dogs – “Dance

Classic punk rock with a motor city twist and anthemic vocals.

8. The Wells – “Do It All Over

Bluesy, rock-n-roll with indie rock simplicity and catchy choruses.

9. Five Pound Snap – “Convex Hollow

Psychedelic and swooning, with dreamy guitar effects and jazzy percussion.

10. Queen Kwong – “Cold Daggers

Sinister vocals and thick bass clashing together in a flurry of punk indifference and hard core attitude.


We have lots of fun events coming up this spring/summer, so make sure to check out the playlist for your most up-to-date Detroit music plans!


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