We’re ringing in the spring season with a few fun, Detroit music events to check out this weekend! The weather may not be sizzling just yet, but these artists sure are!

Take a listen!


Friday, Mar. 24th – Bison Machine: Spring Tour Kick-Off
Small’s in Hamtramck
Doors 8PM – $10 cover

1. Bison Machine – “Cloak and Bones

This is fuzzy, stoner rock unleashed. Bison Machine knows how to traverse the dark, psychedelic world of riff-rock and do it without breaking a sweat. Okay, maybe they’re like sweating when they play, but it’s just effortless rock n’ roll perfection.

2. Wild Savages – “Do or Die

Another biker rock group, Wild Savages woo you with heavy guitar, clever lyricism and an overall hardcore, metal image that plays perfectly with their rough-around-the-edges sound.

3. Anguish – “Got Ya Running

With guitar licks up the wazoo and a fast-paced delivery, Anguish is fuzzy, murky and downright garage metal mayhem. You’ll want to thrash around and chug beers the minute they hit their first chord. It’s just plain insanity.

*with Cloud Catcher (Denver, CO) and Grand Mammoth (Dayton, OH)


Friday, Mar. 24th – Mike Leslie (of Candlebox) Single Release Party
The Loving Touch in Ferndale
Doors 8PM – $7 cover

Mike Leslie Band – “Notice

Painfully groove-tastic and soulful, Mike Leslie Band is releasing their their single, and we’re confident you’ll want to dance the night away with this jammy, alt-rock track.

5. Gasoline Gypsies – “Unwind

(credit: Wendy Thibodeau Photography)

The Gasoline Gypsies are a fun, eclectic, and funky Americana group with homegrown tunes that’ll flow through you like the summer breeze. We’re pretty much down with anything that has banjo in it, but these guys are tops.

6. Frank Patrick James – “Not The End

Americana and sultry groove always mesh well together. Frank Patrick James tops off his sound with some delightfully soulful vocals and twangy, bright guitar licks. It’s a little bit of old with a unique spin that’s sure to please.


Saturday, Mar. 25th – Vox Vidorra/Eleanora/Alexander Lynch/Vespre
The Loving Touch in Ferndale
Doors 8PM – $6 cover

7. Vox Vidorra – “Promise Land

Sexy and soulful, Grand Rapids band Vox Vidorra is visiting us from the west side and bringing their sultry, R&B beats to share. The vibe is low-key, yet powerful with jazzy drums, melodic guitar and complimentary harmonies.

8. Eleanora – “Simple Man

Chamber and rhythm folk band, Eleanora provides angelic harmonies that dance with twanging guitar licks and jazzy drums. You’ll hear clarinet, violin and maybe even something god-like in their tracks. It’s a mysterious, gypsy vibe that’s hard to pass up.

9. Alexander Lynch – “Missing Me

Sexy, electronic vibes mesh with R&B-style vocals and beats, cascading into anthemic choruses that you can’t help but sing along to. Alexander Lynch’s lyricism is catchy and thoughtful, which rounds out the complex production and makes this a perfect ten.

10. Vespre – “Siren

Simplistic and dreamy, “Siren” is a vocal-focused track with subtle beats and ambient synth. Her voice soars over the instrumentation and is really an instrument in itself. The track is calming and otherworldly, definitely something to throw on with the lights low.

Check back next week for more of your favorite artists!


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