This week’s playlist is all new music of 2017! Take a listen below, you may just find your new favorite song to kickstart your weekend!

1. Joey Pecoraro – “Finding Parking

Thematic and sensual, Pecoraro’s recent release Tired Boy is the soundtrack of life. Smooth beats, tasteful sound bites and perfected arrangement make this an anytime, anywhere album.

2. Push Over – “Transitioning Seamlessly

A collaborative effort to make dance rock a thing of the future, Push Over evokes emotion with hyperactive, catchy rock themes. A short EP that packs a punch, these tracks will have you dancing and singing along. Don’t let this dance punk fool you. It’s still as hardcore as ever.

3. Those Hounds – “Youth/Eyes

With fuzz rock wrapped up with a bow, Those Hounds know how to make tasteful noise and crank through hits with ease. Slightly dark with a smidge of alternative grime, their recent EP Matrimony is hard-hitting, grunge perfection.

4. Spectre Eyes – “Maelstrom

Spectre Eyes’ A Demon In a Lockbox is melancholy and ghostly with beautiful arrangements sprinkled in. It’s ambient and layered with monotone bass and far off crashing percussion that gives us the feeling of waves on a cold Michigan shore. Letting the mind wander comes easily while listening to this album. It’s perfect for those cold, gloomy days.

5. Bogart – “Little Green Men

Preceding an album release, Bogart gifted us their single “Little Green Men”. Rock heavy with infectious instrumentation, this band is clever and catchy with little room for anything other than cool. The bass is heavy, the guitars are fiery and we can’t imagine that this group ever slows down. Their sound is fast, hearty and good for your health. We’re sure of it.

6. Five Pound Snap – “Lady Gets High

Self-described space groove enthusiasts, Five Pound Snap’s new single “Lady Gets High” is a throwback number with R&B beats wrapped in glittery, psychedelic rock. It’s hard to pinpoint the genre when they manage to meld all of the best ones into a wondrous, jam-heavy soundscape.

7. Devious Ones – “Court Clothes

Ready for some high speed new wave splashed with some funky, punk? Devious Ones have your back with their release Djarum Summers. It’s a power pop anthem that you’ll absolutely want to thrash around to. If you need to get rid of some pent-up energy, just throw on this track and let loose.

8. Seanymack & Luke Hodgson – “Frank

Instrumental hip-hop duo, Seanymack & Luke Hodgson serve up tasteful beats with soulful vocals and melodic hooks. It’s in a realm all its own, reflecting an improvisation style that ebbs and flows gradually throughout their recent release, Gullen Mall. It’s lo-fi and groovy and perfect for strolling through some Detroit streets.

9. The Dropout – “One Man Pizza Party

The Dropout’s single “One Man Pizza Party” is a spacey and fantastical dance jam with swooning synth and rhythmic bass. You won’t be able to control your body when this beat drops. Its light and dark aspects give the track dimension and personality. The incorporation of horns gives it an orchestral vibe that’s sure to please.

10. Butch Clancy – “Chains

A heavy-hitter in the electronic music scene, Butch Clancy mashes original hits with explosive beat drops and spins well-known tracks into entirely new beasts. His approach seems to play off the tracks in a way that’s complementary rather than distracting. His beats are profoundly addictive and even if you don’t see yourself as an electronic music enthusiast, you will absolutely get something out of his music.


Check us out next week for more of your favorite Detroit artists!


Have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments below!


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