Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. You may roll your eyes at the Hallmark holiday, or maybe you’ve already bought your sweetie a little, special something. But don’t forget to give yourself a treat, we’re all about splurging on goodies and not sharing with anyone, because love and sharing are overrated anyway.

In any case, we’re here to give you some Detroit love. We know Valentine’s Day is nothing without some smooth tunes to get your in that lovey-dovey mood, or maybe it’ll get you out of the capitalist holiday mindset? Whatever floats your love boat.

Treat yo’ self this Valentine’s Day with this week’s heartthrob of a playlist.

It’s better than chocolates, trust us.

1. ONEFREQ – “Drug of Choice

2. The Mythics – “Love Me Like You

3. Best Exes – “Friends

4. Escaping Pavement – “The Sweetest Lady

5. YUM – “I Don’t Care About You

6. Border Patrol – “Falling For You

7. Sleepless Inn – “Dreaming

(credit: Laura Finlay)

(credit: Laura Finlay)

8. Greater Alexander – “Positive Love

9. Prude Boys – “Plague My Dreams

10. Cameron Jones – “Amadea

Have any Detroit music recommendations? Comment below!


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