Another week, another playlist full of awesome Detroit music!

Get your ears in check and take some time with the tunes below!


1. The Arctic Tuxedo – “Slow Down

Bluesy with hints of jazz and R&B, Arctic Tuxedo’s new release Brave is a pleasing groove that will leave you feeling soulful and romantic.

2. Andrew Czajka – “3

This lo-fi instrumental album is psychedelic, yet summery with eclectic guitar sounds and stripped down vibes. It has a lot of unique character with subgenres sprouting up all throughout the 14-track album. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and unexpected.

3. Enigma Kodak – “Icarus

A saucy, dream-pop explosion. Enigma Kodak blends swirling synth with crisp guitar notes that create a lo-fi experience without dulling down the mysteriousness of the sound. The female vocals ground the sound and add an earthy element that makes it feel dark, yet ethereal.

4. Rayning – “Your Eyes

With shoegaze at its finest and most natural state, Rayning draws you into a kaleidoscope world of sounds and beats. It’s heady and fuzzy with balanced vocals whispering barely over the roaring synth. It’s easy to get lost in this sound. It reminds us of melodic white noise, but with major depth.

5. Anna Burch – “Tea-Soaked Letter

Folky pop single “Tea-Soaked Letter” is chipper with a very Nick Drake vibe. It’s kitschy and reminiscent of a stripped down bubble-gum pop song for adults. The vocals are layered beautifully and ride smoothly over the beat-heavy instrumentation. We dig this pretty hard.

6. Loose Koozies – “Rollin’ Heavy

Americana and country come together to bring you Loose Koozies. You wouldn’t have any idea these guys weren’t straight out of Dixie. It’s what country should sound like. It has elements of bluegrass that give it a light, bouncy presence. It’s just on the verge of country, but not quite there. That’s how we like our country music.

7. Belle Isles – “Detroit Sound

(credit: Frank Rotondo)

(credit: Frank Rotondo)

Garage soul x1000. Belle Isles are gritty, loud, but oh so tight. It’s surfy, catchy and an all around pleasure to listen to. It’s like you’re in the garage with them, so be prepared to have your eardrums blown! It’s about as unproduced as you can get and the authenticity is fabulous.

8. Jake Lemond – “5 Months (Up In Smoke)

With emotional vocals and poetic lyricism, Jake Lemond’s single “5 Months (Up In Smoke)” is a heartbreakingly beautiful number with gut-wrenching transitions and guitar work that will blow you away. It’s something simplistic, but complex all at the same time. The song rolls like the waves on a beach, expanding and folding in on itself. Perfectly executed.

9. Vespre – “Siren

Vespre’s single released a few days ago is a dreamy, soulful track with strong vocals that soar over a sexy beat with flashes of style and futurism. Her voice is the main attraction on this song. It’s strong and smooth with a widening range that captures your attention instantly.

10. Pool – “Bleeding All The Time

Often ambient, Pool’s new album No Bad Memories is a mashup of instrumental, synth-heavy songs and catchy lyrical numbers. This experimental, electronic album creates texture through music that makes the sound almost feel tangible. It’s a unique perspective on a somewhat saturated genre.


There ya have it! Another week in the books. Who are YOU listening to right now? Tell us in the comments!


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