More new music! More new music! We love hearing the recently released and upcoming tracks for Detroit artists. There’s such a mixing pot of genres surrounding our little slice of the city and we are always ecstatic to hear more!

Check out some recent releases and soon-to-be released tunes below!


1. George Morris – “Full of Stars

Long awaited, George Morris is releasing an LP in mid February with soaring vocals and chill, lo-fi vibes that is sure to please the ears of those familiar with George Morris’ sound. Take a peek at their singles!

2. Zoos of Berlin – “Rush at the Bond

Released late last year, Zoos of Berlin’s Instant Evening is an experimental, otherworldly album featuring spacey synth, echoing vocals and captivating rhythm that will make you want to groove along. The lyricism makes for a reflective listening experience and keeps the theme of album grounded and heady.

3. Adam Keelan – “Houses

Sleepless, a solo, indie-progressive album was dropped late last year by Adam Keelan. It’s a fun, experimental release reminiscent of bedroom rock, with interesting layers of guitar and varying vocal effects matched with groovy bass and tinny percussion. The guitar work is on a level all its own, which we thoroughly enjoy.

The Distance – “Downpour

The Distance captures an array of sounds in their instrumental EP Neon Lights. You feel as if you’re floating through space on a psychedelic cloud of glitter. The ambient tones of this release are relaxing and surreal with a plethora of elements to focus on and enjoy. It’s delicate in sound, but deep and complex in nature. We recommend cranking it up during your next meditation sitting.

5. Yay High – “I See Blood, I See Red

Nothing but grit and mayhem in Yay High’s single “I See Blood, I See Red”. It’s explosive and intense with hammering guitar and driving bass runs. The drums never seem to stop as they power through this track. Hold onto your hats, kids. You’re going to get your face smashed.

6. Chris Gagnon – “Back Home

Peculiar doesn’t even begin to describe Chris Gagnon’s 14-track release, Fawn Haus. If we could come up with some amazing superlatives maybe we’d give it a shot, but all we can think of is an electronic echo-chamber falling down a black hole of nothingness. Looking for a way to creep out your friends at your next gathering? Well, Gagnon has just what you need.

7. Scarlet Lies – “Brightest Canyon

Monsters Coming Out was released a couple weeks ago and it’s quite a fun surprise. The alternative, glam rock style makes it an upbeat, but slightly pop-punk experience with explosive vocals and fast-paced instrumentation that will have you on your feet, for sure.

8. Anna Isachenko – “Captivated

(credit: Danny Sobor)

(credit: Danny Sobor)

Where do we start with Anna Isachenko? She’s got a soothing, soulful voice and strong writing style on her original track “Captivated”. It’s a neo-soul song with jazzy undertones coated in a modern-pop sound. Take a listen to the entire EP, because the covers are definitely worth experiencing.

9. John Beltran – “Everything At Once

Electronic producer John Beltran released an impressive collection last November that features expertly arranged tones and rhythms, combining ambient tones with dance beats that really bring electronic music to another level of maturity. It’s stylish and modern with soothing elements that rival even the most elegant of dance parties.

10. Eyesore – “Hands of Judgement

Want to get violent with short tracks that perfectly capture intense anger? Enter Eyesore. They make the instruments come to life (or maybe death?) by keeping their tracks under one minute and really focusing on the driving elements of power punk. It’s pretty quick in execution, but the amount of energy in each snippet of sound is beyond comprehension.


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