Detroit music is some of the best, and we love getting the chance to write about your favorites.

Here’s a nice mix of genres for this week’s playlist with fun new releases for your listening pleasure!


1. Danny and The Darleans – “I’m Right Here

Never disappointing, Danny and The Darleans are back at it with their 2017 release Bug Out! It’s energetic, funky and just all around iconic rock n’ roll. If you’re looking for a sensational album to play over and over this year, this is it.

2. American Mars – “Night Owls

Probably one of our favorite Americana Detroit bands, American Mars gifts us Exposure; a gem of an album. It’s a beautiful myriad of complex instrumentation with simplistic undertones that invigorate and soothe simultaneously. Each track is a surprise, but the thoughtful lyricism and genuine vocal work remain untampered.

3. Acapella – “Hands Up High

Unique hip-hop artist, Acapella is crafting some smooth beats on his recent release, Sellin’ My Soul. It’s a well-produced number that reeks of style and class. It’s not your typical bump and grind hip-hop; it has flow and feel to it, reaching back to those golden, Motown days.

4. Backswing – “Corset

(credit: Photo: Chris Mullen, Artwork: Keith Brooks)

(credit: Photo: Chris Mullen, Artwork: Keith Brooks)

There’s really no messing around with Backswing. They’re going to blast your eardrums to pieces and rip your face off with their heavy metal talent. Female-fronted and explosive, their new release, SOS, is a hammer to the head and will absolutely give you the blind-anger to take on your worst enemies.

5. Dear Darkness – “100 Yard Dash

These ladies know how to rock on their release She’s That Kind of Person But I Still Like Her. Their post-punk vibes are strong with lots of lo-fi sound and fearless vocals. They’re not afraid to scream in your face and they’re definitely not afraid of playing loud, energetic punk. We highly recommend cranking this up as high as you can and dancing with abandon.

6. Quelle Chris – “Buddies

Complex and utterly hilarious, Quelle Chris lands in the human psyche with his soon-to-be released album Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often. His low-key delivery and fantastically produced beats create a unique listening experience that really targets the symbolism behind his words. It’s not always about the lyrics, but Chris has a way with language and an off-beat delivery that will have our brain scrambled like eggs.

7. Desires – “On Being Alone (Acoustic)

This single is a refreshing take on Desires softer side with lots of angelic harmonies and a very simplistic acoustic guitar. You’d be surprised to hear such soft vocals come out of these guys, but they sure know how to tone it down. It’s got an emotional vibe that really does a number on the feels.

8. The Kelly Jean Caldwell Band – “Destroyer

So much fun. That’s all you really need to know about this group. Their December release, Downriver, is a delightful combination of rock, country, folk and just a sprinkle of psychedelic surf rock. They’ve got a little bit of everything to appeal to all listeners and we really enjoy their clever instrumentation. It just sounds like a good time in your ears and you won’t want to turn it off.

9. Dreamlogicc – “Sleeve

If you like going down the music rabbit hole, then you’ll enjoy this dark, ambient electronic album by Dreamlogicc. It’s a rolling soundscape of synth, undulating bass, and lots of curious tones. It’s an abstract style that makes you wonder if it’s even from this planet.

10. Best Exes – “Friends

We’re always excited to hear what Best Exes are up to, and their recent release, Cactus, is pleasantly laid-back and casual. The dueling vocals make for a pleasant listening experience that’s campy and warm-hearted. You can’t help but grin awkwardly when you take a listen. The lyrics are clever and humorous, which are always our favorite. It’s chill and kitschy…what more could you want?


Check back next week for all things Detroit music!


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