There’s always something new happening in Detroit, so there’s no excuse to get bored around here (trust us). This playlist is dedicated to getting you out of your comfort zone (except for the cozy acoustic show, that’s all about the comfy), and into a musical space where local artists mesmerize with their talent.

Take a peek at some upcoming events below, and get into the spirit with tracks from some of the featured artists! (Plus, it’s your lucky week, we’ve even included some BONUS tracks, beyond our normal 10!)


Cozy Acoustic Living Room Show at Crow Manor
Wednesday, January 11th

If you would rather spend a chill night, snuggled up with a stranger on a couch, then this is the show for you. Three awesome artists will be doing a stripped-down solo show and you have a comfy, front row seat.

1. Nick Fertner (The Hangdowns) – “Run

2. Matt Wixson – “The Truth Is

3. Carmel Liburdi – “Carbon Based


January Jams at The Loving Touch
Thursday, January 12th

You can’t go wrong with this kind of lineup. We’re starting a new year, so why not jam it out this month with some of Detroit’s finest?

4. AVIVA – “Talk To Me

5. Taxon Clade – “Dance With Me

6. Remnose – “Rind

7. Chris Kendall – “Not The Only One (Open Session)

Friday the 13th at PJ’s Lager House
Friday, January 13th

Potentially the best date/day combination in the universe, this Friday the 13th is bound to put a rock n’ roll spell on you at PJ’s Lager House.

Virginia Violet and The Rays – “Ray Gun Fire

9. TROUT – “No Use In Wondering Why

10. ISLA – “Kite View (collaboration with Daniel Monk)


Secret Friends Fest at The Loving Touch
Saturday, January 14th

The Annual Secret Friends Fest is back again this weekend! Grab your pals, your lovers, or your enemies and head over to The Loving Touch for a Detroit festival favorite!

HALA – “Found A Way

12. Valley Hush – “Concepts

13. TART – “Nebraska

14. don’t – “Forget It

15. PALACES – “Glisten & Trip/Still Romantic


16. Arc Pelt

Now that your week is all booked up, go out and make the most of it! Detroit is waiting for you!


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