By Raquel Parks

There’s no feeling like presenting a loved one with a box wrapped in shiny, festive holiday paper that conceals a gift. From a glittering pair of earrings to a shiny leather jacket, a great gift can go a long way — no matter how big or small.

Please those people close to the heart with something they will appreciate and love this year. Gift-giving can be a mix of traditional and out-of-of the box surprises. It’s always the thought behind the gift that makes it a true hit instead of a miss.

Here are a few stylish ideas to inspire some joyous reactions on Christmas Day for the fashion-forward individuals:

(credit: Raquel Parks/CW50)

(credit: Raquel Parks/CW50)

Sensible, Stylish Accessories

A coat, scarf and gloves can be really boring at first thought but put some consideration behind the style and design to make this a gift worth having. In Michigan, staying ready for the cold fall and winter are very important. For a person who loves fashion, having a look at all times is very important in the cold weather.

Look for accessories that make a statement. Pitaya in Royal Oak is one of the many local places to make a stop at for unique and stand-out accessories.

New Fragrance

A fragrance is another traditional yet excellent option to consider. But keep in mind that a fragrance works best as a gift for someone you really know well (such as family, friends or a significant other). If a loved one is looking for a new scent to add to their collection or has a scent that they love but are out of, then this can be a perfect present. Make a stop at your favorite department store to choose the right fragrance for a loved one.

For the Fashionable and Fit

Working out can often be a daunting task and can take a little extra motivation. However, there are some people who thrive on their regular workouts as much as they do on being put together. Whether it be yoga, running or a combination of activities, a fashionable-fit person wants to look good while breaking a sweat too.

To purchase the best workout gear, reflect on what that person already wears. That will be the perfect guide to picking something he or she wants. If you happen to slightly miss the mark, be sure to get a gift receipt so that person has the option to go back to buy the style or size that works best for them. A pair of quality, hip running shoes is also a great option. Lucy in Birmingham is a great local place to find stylish athletic wear for women. While Burn Rubber in Royal Oak has a vast selection of sneakers in plenty of styles for both men and women.

For the One Who Loves to Be Pampered

The daily hustle and bustle can take a lot out of anyone. Time to relax and indulge can be the best gift, especially for the person who might already have everything they want.  Treat the certain one who is sure to appreciate it, with a relaxing manicure and pedicure experience. The Ten Nailbar in downtown Detroit offers various nail care services to cater to a friend, co-worker or family member.

For the Best Dressed Woman and Man

Gift the one that is always dressed to precision with a personalized item. Initialing is personal, sentimental and very stylish. Executive Custom Shirtmakers and Cicchini Custom Clothier in Birmingham offers the services of custom shirt making and polished accessories for any of the well-dressed or woman.

Raquel is a Michigan native with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Michigan. She loves fashion and writing about life’s everyday stories. She has written for various local publications that include Dearborn Press & Guide and Detroit Fashion Pages. Raquel also writes for her own local events blog, Metro Diva Pages.


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