This week’s playlist is full of new releases! Check them out below!


1. Jackson and The Poolsharks – “Thinkin’bout A Woman

Complex and spritely, Jackson and The Poolsharks’ debut self-titled album is a collage of groovy jams, complex instrumentation and sing-along vocals that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head after the first listen. The genre is hard to pin down, because it’s brimming with potential descriptors. You’ll get a salty taste of surf rock, psychedelia, alternative indie and folk. The vocals are earthy and gruff, but perfectly complimented by angelic harmonies that round out their overall sound. This album is as rhythm heavy as you can get with a range of auxiliary percussion instruments and an abundance of intricate guitar and bass lines. It feels effortless, yet carefully executed and will take you on quite the musical journey. The lyricism is wholesome and heartfelt with sprinkles of sarcasm, cynicism and wit. It’s easy to hear the passion put into this debut and we have to say, it’s got some killer production to boot.

2. Love Games – “Loser For Your Love

(credit: Lukas Drumheller)

(credit: Lukas Drumheller)

Spacey and jam-tastic, Love Games’ recent release, Space of Hearts, is a romantic, cyber-sphere of psychedelic rock and power-pop. If there was such a thing as “easy-listening reverb, alien rock,” then we think this would be it. It’s an uplifting, guitar-heavy album with sexy bass runs and steady percussion. The rhythm is calming, but enticing enough to make you want to groove along. The vocals bounce from sultry to futuristic, but never falter in epic delivery. We love how spontaneous the sound is, coupled with some sick guitar solos. You just don’t know what the next track will be, but you can guarantee it will transport you up into the stars.

3. Friendship Park – “Not A Word

Our favorite math rock duo, Friendship Park knocked it out of…well, the park, with their self-titled EP released just a few days ago. It’s bright, poppy, and just plain epic. We’re almost speechless how beautifully diverse this release is. The vocals are curious and unique, while the instrumentation and delivery is complex and remarkably smooth for how much is going on at one time. There’s no other way to describe their sound other than fun, just plain fun and lovely. You feel like you’re dancing inside of a Jetson’s computer and it’s awesome. For a highly digital album, these guys know how to give it a life of its own and utilize a plethora of musical techniques. It’s just plain fantastic.

4. Somewhere South of Here – “Hypothesis

Angsty and chaotic, With Her Came The Birds is a dark album with somber lyricism and emotionally raw vocals. The guitars rock this release, while the drums cut through and drive the punching rhythm home. This album falls between a post-hardcore and hard rock, not committing either way, which makes for a deeper effect. It’s angry, visceral and loud, making it the perfect compliment to any negative emotions you may be working through.

5. Dear Darkness – “Birthday Party

Post-punk gals Dear Darkness released a birthday anthem single in November that you will – of course – want to be chanting when it’s YOUR birthday. This single is rough around the edges and perfectly fuzzy. Guitars hammer through the track with the vocals howling over brash drums. It’s a punk rock treat that’s suitable for all holidays and birthdays alike. You don’t want to skip over this unique duo, because their take on garage rock/punk is unique and charming.

6. Oakhill – “The Best Thing

Oakhill’s new single, “The Best Thing” is an anxiety-inducing pop punk that doesn’t skimp on any aspect of instrumentation and delivery. The vocals are pronounced and carefully harmonized with combinations of intense guitar solos and rhythm carrying bass and drums. Their style always seems to harbor a consistent energy that’s infectious when you hear it and the quick-wit lyricism falls in line perfectly with that explosive vibe. This track will have you singing along from the first chorus and beyond. It’s a great prerequisite for what’s to come from these guys.

7. Mega Powers – “New Boy

(credit: Bryan Iglesias)

(credit: Bryan Iglesias)

This renaissance duo released their World Tour (RedTape) cassette last month and it’s quite the collection of remixes and originals. The experimental electronic duo recreates iconic hip-hop, lush synth-pop and mashes it all together for a delicious, smooth combo that will have you melting into your seat. If you take a closer listen, the intricacies of each track jump to the forefront and really make you appreciate the attention to detail and meticulousness of the production. It’s dreamy and surreal with a warm comforting tone, making us think that if music could be categorized by fabrics, Mega Powers would be an expensive and luxurious cashmere sweater for your soul.  

8. The Radish Friends – “Have Yourself a Merry Lil’ Christmas

Quirky and lo-fi, The Radish Friends released a promotional EP called Potatoes & Molasses ahead of their upcoming collaborative Christmas album Positive Christmas Energy which will be donating the proceeds to multiple organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, The Transgender Law Center and The Ruth Ellis Center. This Christmas punk/folk album is cheerful and entertaining to listen to as you may not have heard Christmas songs quite like this! We couldn’t help but include them in our playlist for their charming musical talents and charitable ways. You’ll want to make this a holiday staple for years to come.

9. Shortly – “Matthew

(credit: Chyrreia Stockton)

(credit: Chyrreia Stockton)

This indie track is a slow builder that really utilizes the deep sound of electric guitar rumbling drums and smooth bass. The vocals are clear and melodic with a beautiful, raw quality. It’s earthy and uncomplicated. The song itself is simplistic, but captures so many great aspects of each instrument that it feels substantial and deep. It’s well done and we can’t wait to hear more from Shortly.

10. Rival Summers – “I Know Better

Released in the spring, Rival Summers’ indie pop release Undeniable is an upbeat, catchy album that utilizes some of the popular trends of now, but allowing their own creative talents to break through. The vocals are effortless and strong, while the song arrangement dances briskly throughout the album. There are a lot of elements to these tracks and they definitely don’t limit themselves to a certain aesthetic. You’ll hear synth, keys, spunky guitar and funky bass runs that will have you moving without a doubt. These songs are well produced and each musical element adds a nice flair without sounding chaotic.


Who are you listening to these days? Tell us in the comments!


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