This week, we have a group of artists from a myriad of different genres, but all have one thing in common: new music!

We’re bringing you newly-released material from earlier in the year…to as recently as this week! Don’t miss out on all these great artists!

Looks like the holidays came early this year *wink wink*



1. Tall Black Guy -”This One’s For The Ladies And Gents

Released earlier this month, Tall Black Guy’s sophomore release, Let’s Take A Trip, combines soulful vocalizations and solid beats, all wrapped up in crisp production that layers jazz with hip/hop groove. Well-recognized in the beats scene, Tall Black Guy has created a soundscape that moves forward and backward in time, pulling classic rhythms and meshing them with even more progressive sounds. We can’t help but disagree when it’s explained as a “journey through sound”. It traps the greatness of voice and instrumentation and lays it out on a well-manicured platter. We may not have his talent here in Detroit right now, but it’s obvious where his roots are, and you can hear that in his music.

2. His Name is Alive – “Silver Arc Curving In The Magnetic Field

Intense and full of life, His Name is Alive’s most recent release, Patterns of Light, is a psychedelic space trip. Echoing vocals float softly over a plethora of guitars, synth, bass and neutral percussion. It’s often fast-paced and uplifting, with sprinkles of delicate string instruments and other instrumentation. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard lately, making this album a refreshing escape. The mix of slow, groovy jams and hammering riffs makes for an exhilarating experience, punctuated by psychedelic euphoria.

3. Border Patrol – “Falling For You

Depressing in nature, but upbeat in tune, Toxic Thought Machine is an eye-opening album released earlier this year by the proudly proclaimed punk-folk dudes, Border Patrol. The uniqueness of this release is not to be ignored with their talented vocal harmonies and blend of bluegrass and indie folk. The lyrics are painfully clever and often dark, but you can’t dwell on it very long because the toe-tapping beat sweeps you up before you know what hit you. Music of this caliber and genre are highly underrated and we’re ecstatic to see bluegrass coming back to the forefront, especially in Border Patrol’s re-imagined fashion.

4. Fatt Father – “Keep Ya Head Up

Fatt Father speaks the truth in poetic fashion with his release, Veterans Day, collaborated with D.R.U.G.S. Beats laying the foundation for an eye-opening, intellectually intense album. The beats are rhythmic and unique to each track, complementing the words Fatt Father is spewing. It’s a historical, philosophical collection that flows effortlessly like a stream of consciousness. It’s entertaining to listen to a track that hosts sound bytes, monologues and artist features. It tells a story, or maybe it just explains the struggle, triumph and vitality of hip-hop artistry. It recognizes the veterans from all walks of life. It’s a journey worth listening to, and closely.

5. Handgrenades -”Interloper

Their long-awaited release is finally here and it was well worth the wait. Conjuring up a full-throttled indie pop vibe, Handgrenades’ Tunnels is a riff-heavy, noisy collection that makes you want to blare it full blast. The bass is thick and out in front, while the guitars layer nicely in the background, creating a swooning effect that allows for a thick and soulful sound. The vocals and harmonies are as unique as the instrumental arrangements from track to track and match the themes perfectly. There’s an underlying base to Handgrenades’ sound that makes it unmistakable, and this release is no different. It is, however, a resurrected version that feels dreamy and methodical.

6. Voyag3r – “Final Transfer (Ora Mortale)

Released this past April, Voyag3r’s sophomore full-length instrumental album, Are You Synthetic?, is a colossal, synth-rock powerhouse that creates haunting, otherworldly soundscapes with spacey synth and tumultuous guitars that rival 80’s synthwave. It’s as frightening as it is mesmerizing. There’s a darkness to the album that’s goosebump-inducing, as you feel yourself being transported to another dimension. It’s hypnotizing and progressive, as if they’re leading you into space-age apocalypse. If you’re looking to get creeped out, but also stunned into silence, this is your album.

7. Empty Houses – “Let It Snow

We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw that Empty Houses released a jazzy and soulful holiday EP. We’re slowly getting into the holiday spirit and this trio put us over the edge. We’re ready! Bring on the snow! (KIDDING). Since it’s still temperate here in Detroit, you won’t mind blasting Empty Houses’ perfect adaptations of these classics. It’s spritely, infectious and very well done with big band horns, keys and silky smooth vocals. We highly recommend adding these to your holiday season favorites. They knocked it out of the park.

8. Rocky Loves Emily – “Aphiemi

Alternative rock group Rocky Loves Emily released Miserable Love this past summer, and it’s heavy and full of beautiful chaos. The guitars run rampant throughout this release, jumping between melodic enchantment and rip-roaring chaos. Each track tells its own story in poetic fashion, with serenading vocals that occasionally come crashing out in that post-hardcore fashion that makes music like this so entertaining and easy to scream along to. The bass and drums are spot-on throughout the album and really drive the sound home rhythmically. There’s not a release date at this time, but we suggest they get on that, because this is some alternative gold.

9. Will Kayuk – “Love Like Thunder

This Americana group fronted by Will Kayuk released a small snippet of tracks earlier this week with lots of rock n’ roll coated in a country twang. The tracks are catchy and carry that classic jam rhythm that sound oddly familiar to your favorite rock classics. Guitar solos, theremin, steel guitar – you can’t really lose when the instrumentation is spot-on. You’ll feel like a lone traveler in the depths of America listening to these tracks.

10. Humons – “Waiting In The Street

Another great ambient dance artist is being thrown in the mix this week with his recent EP release, Spectra. It’s a fluid and refreshing release with lots of melodic synth and danceable beats. The vocals soar above the instrumentation and really tie it all together. It’s relaxing, futuristic and crisp to the ear. It has warm and cool tones that make this a really smooth listening experience. The electronic aspects of this EP are sophisticated and mature, making this a great listen for anyone trying something different. It’s dreamy, it’s sexy, just listen to it.


Always excited to hear your feedback! Let us know below who your favorite Detroit artists are!


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