By Raquel Parks

Cozy Sweaters

Fall is a unique season in Michigan that can bring a mixture of weather. Therefore, layering can be a fashionista’s best friend for navigating through all the climate changes and maintaining her sense of style. But to create statement-looks, there are a few wardrobe items that should be in the closet. From 90’s favorites to seasonal-staples, a fashionista will find a stylish mix of essential items to get her ready for fall.


Velvet is having a major moment in fashion right now. The soft, light-brush fabric is dominating runways and ready-to wear looks everywhere. Velvet is an easy choice for the season; it feels weightless yet it is warm, comfortable and has plenty of luxe quality.

Implementing traces of velvet into an ensemble will break up a monotonous look. It can be as subtle as a velvet boot or a velvet blazer, paired with jeans or a pencil skirt for the office. But don’t be afraid to embrace a full-velvet look (like a suit or dress) either. Velvet can quickly polish a look. It is all in the styling that will pull it together.


Puffer coats and capes are two of the most trending outerwear for fall 2016. Although different, both are sensible and very modern. Designers like DKNY are implementing puffer coats to stylishly bundle up. While Prada is among the other designers that are favoring capes as a chic approach to the season.

A puffer coat is very casual and reliable, no matter how cold it may get. The cape is very fashion-forward and classy. Having both in the coat closet is a great way to be prepared for anything and any look that fits your mood.

In addition, there are many other versatile options to consider for fall outerwear. Among them is a must-have and staple—a faux leather or genuine leather coat.

It’s effortlessly-cool and offers all the benefits of a cape and puffer coat. Don’t get caught in the cold with one these awesome pieces of outwear this fall.


Chokers have been around for some time, making a memorable impact in the 90s. But they have made a major comeback this year. Today’s trend has put a new twist on this 90’s accessory. Now, chokers are being paired with delicate chain necklaces that dangle slightly below the choker or being sold in two-in- one combinations to create a unique look.

Texture is also big with chokers. The mixture of lace, suede, and velvet fabrics with one another or embellishments give plenty of nostalgia while still being new. These small differences on wearing an old accessory has brought it back to life in a very fresh way.

There’s no way to discuss fall without thinking of boots. What would the season be without an assortment of fashionable boots to wear? From over-the-knee to the traditional ankle-length style, there can never be too many boot options.

Boots are a go-to shoe for the fall because they offer as little or as much coverage one needs to stay warm while of course remaining fashionable. Block heels, high-platforms, lug-style and lace-up boots are what’s really in right now.

Each boot type also remains true to theme of being 90’s inspired and reminiscent. Stepping it up in a high heel can is perfect for dressing up for evening and weekends. But a flat boot is important every day at work.

Booties are not to be forgotten and are a great compromise. They allow just enough coverage without the requirement of committing to a full boot. Slip them on with jeans and work-wear for any versatile look.

No look or outfit is complete without an envy-worthy-handbag to carry around. Designers are taking it up a notch by featuring more embellishments and dainty, smaller bags for the season. Essentially more but less is the vibe.

Fur is outlining and covering many handbags. The other spectrum of bags are small in size with jeweled and other feminine embellishments, that provide a vintage appeal. Both styles offer a fun way to doll up the handbag.

These trendy items will make getting dressed everyday exciting and a breeze. When shopping for these items, check out Dolce Moda in Birmingham, The Accessories Shop in Royal Oak, and Pink Pump in Bloomfield Hills as some of the many local spots to offer what a fashionista needs.

Raquel is a Michigan native with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Michigan. She loves fashion and writing about life’s everyday stories. She has written for various local publications that include Dearborn Press & Guide and Detroit Fashion Pages. Raquel also writes for her own local events blog, Metro Diva Pages.

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