Echo Fest 2016 is coming to the Magic Stick this Saturday, celebrating psychedelic, experimental and stoner rock in Detroit, hosted by local band Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. Bands start at 5PM and alternate throughout the night on two stages. You can also catch the pre-party show this Friday in the Garden Bowl starting at 9PM.

Tickets are available at UHF or the Garden Bowl.

This week’s playlist is a snapshot of some awesome Detroit bands you can catch this weekend, along with one special guest from across the pond! There are many other out of town acts on this bill, so if you’re itching for some new music check out the Echo Fest event page!

You deserve a rockin’ weekend after this election year, so treat yo ‘self.

1. Warhorses – “Burning Desire

(credit: Camille Rose Garcia)

(credit: Camille Rose Garcia)

2. The Deadly Vipers – “False Prophet

3. Rogue Satellites – “A Slow Darkness (Album Version)

4. Mountains and Rainbows – “How You Spend Your Time

5. 3FT – “Your Death

6. Outrageous Cherry – “Love And Other Electrical Storms

7. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – “Long Lovers Sun

8. Wolf Eyes – “Throats Filled With Concrete

9. Timmy’s Organism – “Tree Thirsty Earthquake

10. Nik Turner – “Time Crypt


Have a great weekend!


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