It’s the battle of the families when Family Feud comes to Detroit. The CW50 Street Team was on hand to cover the event and talk to so many excited people. Hundreds of families geared up and prepared for their audition in the hopes to be the next team on Family Feud.

Outside of the audition rooms, participants lined up and waited to be told what room they were to report to. In the rooms the excitement boomed as many yelled and screamed when producers would come in and discuss important information.

The more excited and happy you are during your audition the more likely your family will be to be chosen for the show, said producers as they greeted the crowds.

The moment arrived when it was time for families to take their spot in front of the room. Each auditioning groups played a small portion of the familiar show. Questions were asked by the host and the families answered hoping to choose something that those who were polled would have said. Each room had someone recording the auditions and each tape will be reviewed.

All of the teams did such a great job and their enthusiasm to be chosen to tape a show down in Atlanta, Georgia was contagious.

The CW50 Street Team had a blast at the Family Feud auditions!


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