By Mickie McLeod
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

Livonia native best friends and high school orchestra members were just rocking out on Guitar Hero back in 2010 when they realized they could make unique and creative music.

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I first heard about Ready, Set, Rendezvous! on social media as I was scrolling down my feed.  Once I discovered how talented they are, I wanted to find out how they all became one band.

The Beginning of Ready, Set, Rendezvous!

Growing up in Livonia, sophomore year of high school, best friends Ryan Tikey (Guitar/Vocals) and Kyle Baker (Vocals/Bass) would spend their time after school jamming out on Guitar Hero together.  They went from rocking out on Guitar Hero to writing silly songs on their own instruments.  Eventually, after all of the play, the two realized they could create serious, unique and overall creative music of their own.

Tikey and Baker first created the band Ready, Set, Rendezvous! back in 2010. In 2013 guitarist David Orzel and drummer Mitch Crosby joined.  Today, the guys are working harder each day to better their craft and couldn’t be more proud of how hard they’ve worked.

“We have evolved a lot as a band since our inception.  Our music has matured as we’ve matured.  Sometimes it’s difficult for us to listen to our early material nowadays in comparison to where we’re at now, but we had to start somewhere and we’re proud of how far we’ve come since,” Tikey says.

What kind of music do they play?

Ready, Set, Rendezvous! (RSR!) considers themselves more Alternative than anything.  Their music can be classified as Pop-Punk too.

RSR!  says you can expect a lot of energy at their shows which may include jumping around and listening to some corny jokes from the band between songs.

RSR! told me that their music is for everyone. The reason why is because of how relatable they craft their lyrics.  RSR! covers a range of topics from their own personal experience.  Their songs are often about growing up, nostalgia, living with and overcoming their own fears, and even love songs, too.

The music behind the constructed lyrics ranges from fast to slow sounds.  This is because of the emotions they’ve expressed within each instrument. Personally, I enjoy RSR! because of the mystery and open interpretation that some of their songs and lyrics bring to my own ears.

“We try to make music that is fun, original, entertaining, and keeps you guessing.”

RSR! band members, Kyle Baker, David Orzel, Ryan Tikey and Mitch Crosby after a show. Photo courtesy of Lynette Tikey-Shamus.

RSR! band members, Kyle Baker, David Orzel, Ryan Tikey and Mitch Crosby after a show. Photo courtesy of Lynette Tikey-Shamus.

What is their favorite part about being in a band in Detroit?

RSR! says that they enjoy the high energy crowds they play for.  Every crowd is filled with fun and complete support of the local band.

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“We wouldn’t have been able to get to the level we’ve reached as a band now without our very supportive friends in the greater Detroit-area.  They’ve kept us afloat and are always inspiring us to continue to improve and we’re very thankful.”

When RSR! isn’t playing music, they enjoy the time riding their bikes down in Livonia’s Hines Park, grabbing a bite to eat at Detroit’s own Slow’s BBQ, or supporting other local bands at the Fillmore, St. Andrew’s Hall and the El Club.  RSR! loves and is proud to call Detroit their home.

What inspires Ready, Set, Rendezvous!?

The four band members of RSR! grew up listening to bands such as Green Day, blink-182 and Weezer.  They say that these three bands, in particular, were their first inspiration to pick up their guitars and start playing.  They also admire the band, Jimmy Eat World, and have been strongly influenced by them.

“We try to incorporate our favorite aspects of all of our influences into our own songs while giving it our own spin.”

One of RSR! songs, “Our Lives Aren’t Ghost Stories,” was created after vocalist Kyle Baker was inspired reading a harsh article about their generation.

“This song was created after Kyle read an article discussing how our generation is ‘inevitably’ going to fail.  They wrote us all off before we’ve even had a chance to truly start our lives.  The song’s refrain repeats the line ‘We Will Not Fall’,” Tikey says.

“Our generation is often viewed negatively by older generations, and to write us off before we have even started is certainly an unfair recipe for failure.  The song is meant to be a call to arms to our generation to get up and prove the nay-sayers wrong.  ‘We Will Not Fall’.”

What are the latest projects of Ready, Set, Rendezvous!?

RSR! recently released “One Day This Will Be So Easy.”  It can be picked up on iTunes, Bandcamp, and streamed on Spotify.

“’One Day This Will Be So Easy’ is basically us achieving the sound we’ve always been striving for. The five-song effort is definitely the best example of where we’re at as a band now, out of our teenage years.  We’re very excited to get out and play more shows in the Detroit area to promote the release throughout 2017.”

Where can you find Ready Set Rendezvous!?

“Our favorite spot to play is the Token Lounge right here at home in Westland. It’s super close by and they’ve been really accommodating to our band since the beginning.”

RSR! will be playing at the at Plymouth Roc on November 11th and at Simon’s After Dark November 18th.  You can find out where RSR! will be playing next and what other events they are participating in located on their Facebook Page.

You can listen to some of their music HERE.

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Mickie McLeod is a Livonia, MI native.  She’s currently majoring in Communication Studies at Wayne State University and is a CBS 62/CW50 Intern.