Always fresh, always tasteful. This week’s playlist is a collection of new, old and unique. There’s never a shortage of diversity here in Detroit, and the music that comes out of our city reflects that tenfold.

Check the artists featured this week below!

1. Dower Townes – “Shine On Me Again

Simplistic, frontier country mashed with roots rock. Dower Townes offers the sounds of the country with hints of melancholy and mystery.

2. The Philter – “Upside Down And Backward

This new wave single from The Philter is sinister and dark with dramatic vocalization and thick, fuzzy guitar. The unique surf rock qualities give a unique vibe to the track, making this an intriguing listen.

3. Young Smokers – “Dat Side Park

(credit: Rob Bennett)

(credit: Rob Bennett)

A more surf rock focused group, Young Smokers’ heavy spring reverb guitars and quick-paced drums bode well with the subtle bass, creating a beachy, instrumental go-to. The sound is bright and pleasing to the ear, nothing monotonous here. Just quality surf rock jams.

4. The Honey Pot – “Poster Beds

Hype garage rock group The Honey Pot mix calamity with precision using washed out vocals, rhythmic drums and echoing bass, creating an effortless sound that comes off gritty and improvised. It’s chill, yet spunky…just the way we like it.

5. Perfect Number – “House

A nostalgic throwback sound, without going all that far. This alternative, 90’s-style band experiments with different decades of music, combining them to make an interesting listening experience that’s very much their own. The band is also full of Chris’s and Brian’s…so, that makes them pretty cool.

6. Malo Konjche – “The Bad And The Beautiful

If you like your music loud, then Malo Konjche is for you. Simple, yet effective rock n’ roll is what you’ll find. Guitars, drums and bass splattering your eardrums ceaselessly. Their sound leans more towards hard rock and the guitar solos speak for themselves. The harmonies are impressive as well. Crank it up!

Andy Klingensmith – “For Ourselves

(credit: Noel Fielding)

(credit: Noel Fielding)

Light and full of hypnotizing harmonies, Klingensmith takes you on a mystical, musical journey in a dreamlike fog of twangy guitar. It’s a bedroom pop collection that was impressively done by this one-man wonder. The tracks will progressively draw you into the experience and leave you feeling a little more upbeat.

8. Bamboomerang – “Beechwood

Jazzy and soulful, Bamboomerang paints a beautiful, musical picture with swooning vocals and thoughtful instrumentation that’s both soothing and invigorating. Heavy on the keys and rhythm, each track holds a special treat that will have you thinking you just found your favorite track, but come to find out every single one is your favorite. It’s a perfect listen anytime, anywhere.

9. Booster Mostyn – “Bleed

Booster Mostyn’s sound is reflective of the time, including elements of pop, R&B and jazz with his own flair. It’s a fun combination of grooves that will get you dancing and inspire you. There’s a definite message in his lyricism, which adds to the pump-up vibes.

10. James Linck – “Black To Black

Always groovy and never one-dimensional, James Linck brings smooth R&B with pop-infused electronic beats. His unmistakable vocals hold their own space as if they were a completely separate instrument, guiding the vibe of the tracks and bringing the lyricism to life. It’s a complex and layered piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but never skimps on quality.


Check back next week for your hearty serving of Detroit music!


Have a suggestion? Leave a comment below!

  1. Daddy and the Long Legs made their first release over the weekend:

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