By @GeorgeJFox

The team behind some of the most brutally and hilariously truthful movie and TV trailers on the internet have turned their focus to one of the most popular shows on The CW.

“When ‘Arrow’ starting taking itself way too seriously it was time to dust off one of DC’s campiest heroes,” said big voice narrator Jon Bailey in the YouTube video.

In a seven minute love letter / light roasting, “The Flash” is described in frank terms by Baily who admits being a Flash fan himself while cracking jokes on the show.

“In a show that shouldn’t really work, but somehow ends up being super fun,” he said.

In the theme of showing repetitive gags and logic problems the trailer points out a few flaws in “The Flash”.

You see how many times the writers had Barry’s crush Iris kiss another man in front of him and they do have a point about Star Labs keeping all those villains prisoner. Where do they go to the bathroom?


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