This week, we’ve got a ton of recently released music from your favorite Detroit artists! Singles, EPs, full-length albums, we’ve got it all!

Take a listen below. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Greater Alexander – “Remember the Day Before Birth

(credit: Lisa Spindler)

(credit: Lisa Spindler)

Known for his twangy acoustic sound, sentimental and thought-provoking lyrics and even more distinctive voice, Greater Alexander is moving in a new direction and expanding his creative space; patiently opening a door to something deeper. His recent work, Spilled Love, is a meditative, instrumental piece with layers of ghostly piano and harmonious vocalizations. It’s a profound and expansive sound that soars into a vast openness and refocuses the listener’s awareness upward and outward. It’s undoubtedly an emotional album to listen to and takes your mind on a self-searching journey through past, present and future. It often portrays hope and serenity, but also pays respect to darker and more desolate times. The instrumentation is impeccable and is easily Greater Alexander’s most influential piece. He is currently offering the entire digital album on Bandcamp at minimal cost to the listener.

2. Red Pill – “Four Part Cure

Red Pill’s recent release, Instinctive Drowning, is a ruthless album that uncovers some of the darker sides of life and the struggles that often times stick with you throughout all of life’s stages. The production is methodical and each track ropes you into a Red Pill’s story of addiction, loss, self-actualization and reconciliation. Pill’s lyricism cuts deep and leaves you feeling empty, but also offers a tiny glimpse into his reality, giving you little bits of information as the tracks play on. It’s far from simplistic rap, it’s a smooth delivery of the rough edges of life that most people fear to share, but Red Pill’s album may just be a gateway for healing far beyond himself.

3. Daniel Monk – “Kite View ft. Isla

1121 is a dreamscape of ambient, down-tempo beats enchanted with beautiful classical guitar, futuristic synth and a wistful vocal accompaniment woven delicately throughout. It’s a dynamic album that really expands the electronic genre and dives into a wider space of experimentation with percussion and background noises. Nothing about Daniel Monk’s work is cold or far-fetched; every element has a warm and familiar feel with jazzy undertones that really tie it together. Instrumental concepts can get lost on some listeners, but Daniel knows how to take you out of the present moment and transport you to a relaxed and nostalgic state, while piquing your interest throughout the entirety of the album.

4. Jahshua Smith – “Black Diamonds

Offering up his sophomore release, The Fourth Wall Jahshua Smith spits truth about life as a black man living in Detroit, all while creating a fictional story of a behind-the-scenes television show. It’s more than just typical hip-hop, it’s a psychological journey of what our world has become. Smith doesn’t play the blame-game in his raps, but he says it like it is and doesn’t leave out a single detail of his experience. It’s an eye-opening album arranged around addictive beats and smooth delivery. Smith’s confidence drips off of his lyricism, while the well-produced beats rise up and push that point even harder.

5. ILLingsworth – “Bougie

Doing a little time-hopping, Illingsworth blends the classical with the modern in his release of Rino. This release is full of jivey tracks with unique beats and old-style melody. Illingsworth always seems to be having fun with his recordings and we can only assume that he probably doesn’t take himself too seriously, even though his work is seriously good. The variety of this album is interesting to hear, and it’s obvious that there’s no tying down his style, because he’s created it and made it whatever he wants it to be. It’s a quirky listen that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

6. The Kickstand Band – “Fall Back

Even with summer coming to an end, The Kickstand Band’s EP, Summer Dream, is a perfect soundtrack to these last warm days. The indie, power-pop duo bring a high-energy sound with lo-fi vocals, amped-up electric guitar and rhythmic bass lines that make you want to get up and dance. Hints of ’70s surf-rock can be heard throughout the album, giving it a bit of a nostalgic twist on modern pop. The Kickstand Band never disappoints and even if this was a quick spurt of a project, it definitely doesn’t feel like that. They’re just THAT good.

7. Windstar Soul – “Silver N Gold

Soulful and jazzy, Windstar Soul released their first EP last month and it certainly is groovy. Silver and Gold is a Detroit-style throwback with Motown vocals and unmatched instrumentals. The vibe is rhythmic and sultry with a focus on jazz elements that really round out the sound. The reggae and hip-hop elements really make this EP an interesting listen and creates an element of improvisation that can often be lost in recordings. If you’re looking to feel classy, but maybe little sassy, then this is the album for you.

8. Ritual Howls – “God Swamp

Dark and sinister, Ritual Howl’s most recent release, Into The Water, is a collection of twangy, southern goth and industrial tracks washed over with a minimalist feel that makes it crisp and inventive. The ominous synth is unmistakable and grabs your attention instantly, contorting with echoing guitars and far-off percussion that drags you into a dream-like state. Mostly an instrumental album, it’s easy to get lost in your own head while crawling down this gothic rabbit hole of darkness.

9. Sheefy McFly – “GotYo$

Not bound by any sort of genre, Sheefy McFly bends the dance music spectrum with his release of Edward Elecktro. A vibing, groovy mix of hypnotic beats coupled with vivacious melodies that will have you raving the night away. The production on this album is complex, yet enjoyably simple. The repetitive back-beat coupled with a mish-mash of vocal tracks and simple lyricism bring out the more artistic style of creating music, rather than following the traditional flow or theory. It’s in a realm of its own, but there’s no denying that it will having you dancing along from the opening track.

10. Lemix J Buckley – “Dancefloor

(credit: Josh Lewis)

(credit: Josh Lewis)

The kings of methodic melody, Lemix J Buckley are back with their new release, In Service Of A Feeling. It’s awash with thick instrumentation, complex guitar layers, and unceasing percussion. It’s got everything we’ve come to expect from Lemix J Buckley, with an intense and passionate topcoat to really solidify their talent. Every piece of this album seems meticulously thought out and carefully crafted, placing pieces of melody and rhythm together in ways you don’t hear very often or even expect. The album as a whole has a careless, yet melancholy vibe, accentuated by the poetic lyricism and sometimes heart-wrenching vocals. It’s a beautiful mess of rock n’ roll splashed with some of our favorite post-hardcore qualities. Job well done, guys.


Visit us next week for another playlist of Detroit music! If you have an artist you’d like to see featured on a future playlist then leave a comment below and we’d be happy to take a listen!



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