This week, we have well-known and highly admired folk/blues artist Zander Michigan sharing some of his favorite Detroit artists for this week’s guest DJed playlist!

(credit: Erin Buchholz)

(credit: Erick Buchholz)

Zander Michigan is a folk/blues singer-songwriter with an endearing style that will transport you back to the days of classic, stripped-down acoustic wonder. His playing style is entrancing and unmistakably familiar, with soulful harmonica and a heavy strum on the guitar. Zander Michigan brings out the simplicity that is often lacking in today’s music and offers a refreshing spin on what many would consider a nostalgic sound.

Without further adieu, here is Zander Michigan’s Detroit Proud Playlist!

1. Headlights Over Hills – “Good Company

This song was the beginning. This band was the beginning. I remember everyone trying to learn that guitar riff. When I was in middle school and high school, these guys were gods. I wanted to play music just to be like them. That’s when I started really getting into music. I joined a local band and I’ve played with them a couple of times. Some of the best memories I have.

2. Sunlight Ascending – “Black Bear

If Headlights Over Hills was god, then Sunlight Ascending would be the son of god. Every time I’ve seen them play, it’s a religious experience for me. The sound they create is nothing I’ve ever experienced before and may never experience again. For my funeral I want the original version of “Out Of This Place” to play SO LOUD over and over and over again.

3. Greater Alexander – “Positive Love

Ah, my fellow Greek songwriter. A much more beautiful songwriter than I’ll ever be. His album of the same name is pure brilliance from front to back. He practices what he preaches and it such a positive influence on the Detroit music scene. I’m looking forward to his upcoming record too.

4. Bear Vs. Shark – “Ma Jolie

One of the most brilliant bands SE Michigan has ever produced. Their two records have been on spin in my life for more than 10 straight years and that won’t stop any time soon.

5. Anthony Retka – “Pictures Through Windows

What a beautiful songwriter. So proud to call myself a friend of his. Anything he writes is my favorite so much so that now I have so many favorites I can’t even choose a favorite anymore. He may have the uncommon problem of writing too many good songs. Is that possible?

6. Nick Urb – “Matter of Time

Original member of Headlights Over Hills. Who knew he could write such amazing tunes? A good friend of mine and though he has recently quit releasing music, the songs he did release will be on my playlist forever.

7. The Good Things – “My Wife

Call him an evil scientist, call him what you will, Ryan Cox of the Good Things writes a thumpin’ good song. His made up genre of Garbage Pop is so relatable and catchy you can’t help but listen over and over. He’s got a new project in the works called the Defeats the Porpoise as well that is sure to be an epic unlike anything before it.

8. Michelle Held – “Something About This Town

Definitely one of the most original songwriters in the scene right now. Her music is so haunting, it really makes you think. This is my favorite track of hers. We haven’t been in touch in a bit but I used to tell her she was the Joan Baez to my Bob Dylan. Ha!

9. Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas – “Don’t Take My Man to Idaho

(credit: Colleen Durkin)

(credit: Colleen Durkin)

I don’t know Jessica personally, but my buddy Taylor has played keys for her for a long time. I’m so pumped for him and for her to be put on such big shows and to travel to Europe and whatnot. Always love to support old friends!

10. Metasyons – “Cocky

Tone is a genius in my opinion. This whole album is very worth the listen. I actually want him to feature on one of my future songs. Listen carefully, everyone, you may hear something very similar on a future Zander Michigan record.

There you have it, folks! Right from Zander Michigan himself.

Don’t miss your chance to catch Zander Michigan, tonight, Wednesday 9/14 at PJ’s Lager House at 8PM or at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on Friday, October 7th at 8PM. It will surely be a performance you won’t want to miss.

Also, Zander has an album dropping pretty soon! So keep your ears perked for some new material.

We look forward to having more artists guest DJ for us, so if you or someone you know would be interested give us a shout in the comments below!


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