Summer is winding down, but we’re not! Here’s another playlist for your ears and we know you’ll enjoy it.


1. Nydge – “We Are Now (ft. Joe Hertler)

If you’re looking for a perfect end of summer tune, Nydge’s single is a nostalgic, electro-pop track that you won’t be able to get out of your head. There’s a subtle synth build that breaks into a full-fledged beat drop, gliding effortlessly into dreamy R&B with sultry vocals and beautiful harmonies. There’s a lot happening on this track and we enjoy the alternating styles to keep things interesting.

2. Stacks//Culture – “1 for Paradise

Bright, jazzy guitar and crashing waves welcome you on Stacks//Culture’s track “1 for Paradise”. The sound is melodic and relaxing with subtle percussion and excellent production. Its simplicity allows for perfect execution of auxiliary sound and really stirs up the urge to have a cold one by the beach.

3. Holly Bernt Band – “Dakota Winters

Sultry and breathtaking, Holly Bernt’s voice glides over a simple acoustic track filling the silence with haunting harmonies and comforting lyricism. Her work rides the line between folk and Americana with touches of jazz and bluegrass. It’s no doubt that her voice will grab you and pull you into a scenic soundscape as if it were the anthem of wooded pines and billowing meadows. She’s a mesmerizing storyteller and you won’t want the story to end.

4. Great Reversals – “Gutted

These guys aren’t messing around. At. All. If you’re into getting your face ripped off by hammering guitar and ludicrous double kick drums, then these guys are absolutely for you (or anyone really, we all need a reason to break things). Great Reversals take hardcore, metal rock to an absurd level with dark bass runs and ear splitting vocals. What’s awesome about this band, though, is that even the most delicate of metalheads can enjoy their tracks without feeling like they’re on a slow-roll to hell (sounds fun, but maybe not). Let’s just say it’s some of the best metalcore we’ve heard in awhile. Impressive.

5. Cass Ketchum – “Traphouse

Cass Ketchum is a master mixer with a true art in making people dance, but there’s more behind it. There’s a careful consideration for ease of transition and unique dynamics. In this hour-long set, Cass Ketchum provides a relaxed hip-hop/rap mix with unique variations of house and electronic beats. The flow of the set is hypnotic and almost unpredictable. It really makes you want to sit and experience the entirety of the track. It peaks your curiosity and just makes you want to be wherever this party was.

6. Young Hunger – “I Woke Up With A Splitting Headache

We all know post-hardcore is making a huge comeback, and Young Hunger’s sound is everything we love about that resurgence. Melodic guitar, anthemic vocals and just enough edge to not fall off the punk wagon. The drums are sharp and well-pronounced with the deep rumble of bass not far behind. Everything about these demos is fun and youthful. Don’t miss out on these guys.

7. Liquid Monk – “Benthos

We like to think of Liquid Monk as a funky, space jazz group serenading the extraterrestrials in the depths of the universe. Their arrangements are smooth and entertaining which almost feels like an improvised jam between friends. Each instrument has its own personality and flair, coming together to create a miraculous expression of cyberfunk. We couldn’t find more talent in a group of dudes if we tried.

8. Brad Nash – “A Cold Sweat Awakens

This may be an oldie, but we don’t discriminate between past and present. Brad Nash’s 2011 release, Love Songs for Exlovers, is a raw interpretation of heartbreak with basic acoustics complemented by hints of bass and harmonica. The lyricism is biting with cynical wordplay that really sticks a big middle finger to whoever these songs may have been about. It’s a beautiful compilation that anyone could relate to. The vocals plead and the instrumentation is particularly frantic as if chasing the creative process before it evaporates. It’s simple yet complicated and couldn’t be a better interpretation of what love is or once was.

Pajamas – “Soothe Your Groove

This may just be a sample, but it’s a darn good one if we do say so ourselves. This jam-heavy group know how to make you groove (with our without pajamas). The guitar is melodic and jazzy with epic bass runs and rhythmic drums, all with their own unique style. We’d love to see what these guys have in store in terms of a full-length release (fingers crossed!). They’re definitely masters of their craft and will most likely pajama-jam your socks right off.

10.  Hoss Burley – “Strawman

Released only two days ago, Hoss Burley’s album, Robots & Elephants, is a mysterious and adventurous rock revival with elements of metal and psychedelia. Its dark overtones make this listen feel deep and brooding, accentuated by the rumbling bass and sinister guitar tracks. The vocals are perfectly theatrical and cut through the dense instrumentation. There’s imagery, cynicism and revolution on this release and we enjoy every element.


Who are YOU listening to? Tell us in the comments!


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