If trouble comes in twos, we don’t know what mischievous shenanigans are going to take place this weekend. The debut of Detroit Duo Fest is kicking off this Saturday at The Loving Touch with doors at 7PM. Limited amounts of Duo Fest posters will also be sold with all proceeds going to charity to help those affected by the Flint Water Crisis.

Credit: Kimberly Rose Tomlin

(credit: Kimberly Rose Tomlin)

If you’re looking for a place to experience a myriad of music with the simplicity of a two-artist team, then Detroit Duo Fest is something you won’t want to miss. We also hear that many of the bands will be debuting new material! So don’t miss it!

Take a peek below to see which devious duos will be playing this weekend!

1. The Kickstand Band – “How It Feels

credit: Noah Elliott Morrison

(credit: Noah Elliott Morrison)

A Detroit staple duo with energetic harmonies and heavy bass runs, The Kickstand Band conjures up indie pop euphoria without missing a beat. Their punchy choruses rope you in and make you want to sing along, not to mention how catchy their lyrics are. This surfy power-pop duo really know how to get their audience dancing (considering they’re probably dancing themselves). Get ready to be mesmerized!

2. The Boy Wonders – “Drag Me In

(credit: Sarah Machalak)

(credit: Sarah Machalak)

If you’re looking for two guys in superhero costumes to rock your mother lovin’ socks off, well…look no further. Ferocious, growling bass and rampant drums offer everything you could ever want from a garage rock ensemble with the simplicity of two dudes and their talent. Their vocals cut through the thick rhythm and sizzle right on top of the music, just enough as to not take away from their epic jam band qualities. Get ready for some face melting!

3. The Messenger Birds – “Big Brother

(credit: Bryan Minear)

(credit: Bryan Minear)

Fuzzed up guitar solos and heavy rhythm make The Messenger Birds the kings of Detroit Fuzz rock. We’ve told you before, but we’ll gladly tell you again that it doesn’t get much better than some bluesy, muddled guitar jamming its way into oblivion alongside a talented drummer who carries every beat with heavy-handed precision. They’re also releasing their new EP, The Good Years, and it’s going to get rowdy.

4. Tart – “Nebraska

This sexy electro-pop duo will make you dance this weekend with their luscious synth beats and femme-tastic vocals, alongside some sinister guitar lashings. This isn’t your typical, kitschy girl-guy duo, it’s dark, brooding and infectious. There’s something punky and naughty about their sound and we can’t help but be influenced by their devious ways. They have a softer side, but it’s still just as heart-wrenching and maniacal. Don’t miss these guys.

5. YUM – “I Don’t Care About You

(credit: Alexander Mixter)

(credit: Alexander Mixter)

Undeniably fun and energetic, YUM is a hard-hitting jamfest with raw vocals roaring over eccentric guitar hooks and entertaining drum beats. There’s more sound coming out of just two instruments than you’d ever expect, and this chick can rip on the guitar. We can’t wait to hear their new EP, Ugly and Buzzed, live.

Rogue Satellites – “In Crowds

(credit: Brian Rozman)

(credit: Brian Rozman)

This psychedelic, post-punk duo ropes you in with their dreamy vocals and dark synth, alongside one another they create an artistic experience with layers upon layers of sound. Their multi-instrumental discography is deep in quality and quantity right down to the lyricism and dance-inspired rhythm.

7. JUNGLEFOWL – “Plan of Attack

High energy, garage rock duo JUNGLEFOWL is a force to be reckoned with when those filthy guitar licks start flying and the powerful, rythmic drums kick in for a head-banging, eccentric rock experience that will leave you in awe. JUNGLEFOWL’s dynamic is entertaining, inspiring and curiously deceiving. It’s hard to believe that it only takes two people to command a stage and your attention song after song. Everything about their performance is Detroit passion and we love being a part of it.

8. Boogie Knights – “I’m Running Outta Vocal Chords

(credit: Eric Buchholz)

(credit: Erick Buchholz)

These guys have some of the most nasty sounding guitar riffs we’ve heard and we can’t get enough. Everything is heavy, balls out and just plain hype. The rhythm is on point with little surprises that give some character to the tracks. They’re a tight duo bringing you the grunge you crave and always keeping things interesting. The guitar and drums together create something simplistic and beautiful that to some may seem repetitive, but these guys prove that it’s far from.

9. The Sugar Bombs – “Little Tigers

(credit: Holos Phos)

(credit: Holos Phos)

Fuzzy and dripping with grunge, The Sugar Bombs are a quintessential dream punk band with raw, explosive tendencies that give their sound a laid-back garage vibe. Their single “Little Tigers” is muddled with fuzzy, overdrive guitar, rhythmic bass and clean drums that don’t ever reach an overpowering state. The vocals are muffled, yet in the forefront where you won’t miss a single lyric. The track is about cats, so how is it not a winner?

Bring your friend, your spouse, your neighbor, or a good looking stranger, and get over to The Loving Touch this weekend to have twice the fun (we also think double-fisting would be appropriate for this event, but you know…drink responsibly)!


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