Artists took over the streets of downtown Ann Arbor for the 47th Annual Ann Arbor Street Fair. Vendors from all over the country came out to display their talents. The festival was held Thursday through Sunday. 

Sculptors, painters, photographers and many more lined the streets showcasing beautiful handcrafted designs. Musicians also took part in the traditional fair.
Not only do the artists travel from all over the country but so do the event goers. Many people look forward to this yearly summer experience.
Jewelry maker, Hanan Ingle from Berkeley, California travels to Michigan for the festival in Ann Arbor each year. He designs necklaces, watches and rings by incorporating old coins. One of his favorite pieces is a necklace, which is incorporated from a coin dating from 15th century Greece. He says, “Expect the best art in the country,” for everyone to enjoy.
One artist from Denver Colorado, Eric Dorris made his way to Michigan for the very first time. He had on display spray painted pictures. He finds inspiration for his designs from movies, music and television.
The CW50 Street Team had a wonderful time at the Ann Arbor Street Fair. We are excited to return next year to see returning artists along with new ones.

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