By Remi Murrey
CBS 62/CW50 Intern

Ever since my junior year in high school, I have dreamed of pursuing a degree in Broadcast Journalism. I had conversations with people in the industry who offered helpful tips to get me started. Yet, there was one thing blocking my path. The University of Michigan does not offer a program in Journalism. In order to get more experience in the field, I joined organizations on campus and talked with fellow peers who shared similar career aspirations like me. I even applied for internships. It was difficult trying to convince employers that I was the right candidate for the position. But, I finally did.

I was offered an internship at CBS for the summer. I was excited. I could not wait to explore the field. On my first day, I was invited to go on a commercial shoot to Splash Universe. I was shocked. I could not believe I received this offer! My time at Splash Universe was amazing. Before going on the shoot, I was extremely nervous. This was my first time ever doing a package and I was not sure if I was going to excel due to my lack of knowledge. I believed it to be a privilege for Tim and Todd to have allowed for me to go on this particular shoot with them even though I did not have much experience. They trusted that I would be of great assistance, and from there I knew that I had to do my best.

On the morning of the shoot, everything was off to a great start. From loading the equipment in the van to the hour and fifteen minute drive to Dundee, I quickly realized that working with Tim and Todd was going to be a great experience. At the beginning of an early Monday morning, they were full of energy and excitement. It was a pleasure working with them. I gained much insight from observing than what I had originally expected.

I was responsible for making sure everyone who participated filled out a commercial release form. I was extremely relieved when the people we asked were so helpful and friendly; it made my job much easier! They were eager to work with us knowing they might have the opportunity of being on TV. In addition to this task, I was responsible for helping Tim and Todd transport the equipment to different sites. Afterwards, I would assist in setting up the equipment.

On the first shot, Tim requested that he needed lighting. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tried anyways. Errors did occur, but Tim was understanding and instructed me on the proper way to do it. By the third shot, I got the hang of it! From this experience, I learned to always make sure the stance of the lighting is parallel to the ground. If it is not, problems will arise and we both wanted to make sure that did not happen!

Later on, I learned more in depth about camera usage. I began to understand certain terminology from hearing Tim and Todd repeat it over and over again. I also observed Tim using a GoPro camera. It was really interesting to see how this little camera could cover so much footage. Even from a far distance, the camera was able to get so close as if we were standing right in front of the image.

I truly admired Tim’s preciseness. He made sure that every shot was perfect. He knew exactly what he was looking for at every angle. I then began to understand why this was a long process. There was not a guarantee when Tim would capture the perfect moment. He knew better than any of us what he was looking for in each shot, and if he was not satisfied, we stayed until he knew it was right! This took a great deal of patience, dedication, and effort. And from this, I learned that in order to have a great package, these character traits are a requirement.

Reflecting back on Monday, I can honestly say that I walked away knowing how to do something and I could not have been happier. They had high expectations for me but they never gave me more than what I could handle. I felt comfortable whenever I was asked to do something, and if I was unsure, they were more than willing to help even though our time was limited. I believe this was the perfect atmosphere for me to have did my first package. My expectations going into the shoot definitely changed by the end. I am so happy I was able to go on this shoot. I cannot wait to go on more!

Remi Murrey is a CBS 62/CW50 intern through the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program. She is a student, entering her third year at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, interested in pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism.


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