Kristy Stanford CBS62/CW50 Intern

Do you enjoy positive and uplifting music? Meet Tristen Brooke and her band. Find out about the message they want to send through music.

Tell me about the music you play.
One way to describe it could be percussive gypsy funk rock. It is a melting pot of a lot of our influences which include classic rock, funk, flamenco, and classical. I am lucky enough to have great musicians to play with. I play a percussive, Latin-influenced guitar style and sing, Steve Sturgill shreds the solo guitar, Luis pushes the rhythm on hand percussion, and Joe Easley slaps that funky bass.

What do you expect performing at the Concert of Colors?

This will be our first time performing. I try not to have expectations but our goal is to provide music people will have a great time to. I love seeing people dancing and enjoying themselves. It’s always a great time communicating with people this way.

Who are your musical influences in Detroit?
I moved away from Detroit about 6 years ago, so I am not really in the know on the current music scene. When I was living in Detroit there were many great musicians I met and had the pleasure of playing with. I do have fond memories of funk night. I can also say that Motown has influenced our music.

Who has been your biggest supporter(s) over the years?
Family, friends, and loved ones.

What type of message do you want your music to send?
The goal is to send a message of positivity and inspiration to be a better human. A lot of the songs focus on environmental conservation themes and always striving to improve oneself.

How has music changed your life?
Music has always been a powerful force in my life, even before I played. It’s the soundtrack to joy and the rope which can pull one from dark times. I’ve met many friends and had many wonderful times playing music. It is also beautiful because it is seen as a gift in the eyes of others. This art can make people forget troubles and dance in the moment, or offer comfort to the mourning. It is truly a pleasure to have that effect on others.

5 years from now, where do you see yourself musically?
I would like to play in new projects, locations and to new people. I plan to always grow as a musician.

What advice would you give to beginner artists?
Never give up! It’s hard to start playing and takes a lot of dedication, time, and patience. Don’t sell yourself short and believe you just weren’t born to do it. You have to work for what you want!

When did you start playing music and why?
I’ve loved the sound of classical guitar and flamenco music since I’ve heard it. It took me far too long to summon the courage and self-confidence to try to learn. It really is never too late, and I am so glad I started.

Check out Tristen Brooke performing at the Concert of Colors Sunday, July 17, at 4:30 p.m. on the Wolverine Outdoor Stage Sosnick Court, behind the Orchestra Place building.  For more information, visit http://Concert of Colors

Kristy Stanford is a Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. She is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she studied in Electronic Media Film Studies and Comprehensive Communication. She enjoys doing interviews with different brands and businesses for her website Kristy also is an inspirational blogger and does photography and event hosting on the side.


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