This week, we have The Messenger Birds taking over the playlist as our Guest DJs…and man, are we excited! This rad duo sure knows how to make a good impression on and off the stage, so don’t miss what they had to say about some of their favorite Detroit bands!

(credit: Brian Minear)

(credit: Brian Minear)

Take it away, guys!


1. Those Hounds – “Man of Stone

These guys are some of our best friends and favorite musicians in Detroit. We’ve known each other for a long time, and Ivan Fargo (Those Hounds’ front man) and Parker were in a couple bands together some years ago, but we won’t go down that road. Let’s not forget Charlie King, whose stage presence cannot be ignored, and Kevin Beattie (or as we call him, Douglas Bubbletrousers), the man behind those mammoth beats. You can often find The Messenger Birds and Those Hounds on show flyers together and occasionally joining forces to tackle the many Tribute Nights held at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. “Man of Stone” was, and continues to be, one of our favorite tracks on their first LP Mother Earth is Sick, and we also picked this song because the Lord has a plan 4 them (Ivan will get that joke). After playing many obscenely loud gigs with them over the past year around Metro Detroit, there is every indication that they are only getting better with time. This is a band that needs to be on your radar. Get to know them.

2. YUM – “I Don’t Care About You

Originally from Bay City, YUM has definitely made a home for themselves in the Detroit garage rock scene, and they’ve upped the ante with their latest three-song EP. The first time I saw YUM live was on a show that we played together, and “I Don’t Care About You,” though unreleased at the time, became one of my favorite songs as soon as I heard it. Elise Poirier plays a mean guitar on this track; her ability to shift the dynamics from soft finger picking to full-on punk rock shred shows just how diverse a player she is, and Cody Marecek is rock solid on the kit with the chops to go with it. They have quickly become two of our favorite people to be around, not only because their music is great, but because whenever the four of us get together, we’re all crying from laughing within about ten minutes.

3. The ERERs – “I Can Do Anything

The ERERs are basically rock and roll juggernauts around here, and their most recent EP illustrates it best. Their sound is extremely well-focused on this record. “I Can Do Anything” showcases all of The ERERs’ best qualities: frontman Matt Riesterer’s playful, catchy vocal melodies and fuzzy guitar riffs, the best bass lines in town from everybody’s favorite Detroit yeti, Jamie Mosshart, and the heavy hitting grooves from Chris Fichter on the drums. If you’ve never been to one of their shows, do yourself a favor and catch one. They will rock your face off.

4. Undesirable People. – “We’re All Cut From the Same Cloth“|

We love this song because it speaks to the struggles of feeling disenfranchised trying to make it in the music industry, and it embodies everything that Undesirable People has been as a group since they first broke into the Detroit music scene – a hard-working, grass roots DIY band that refuses to give in to trends or sell out for corporate interests. Jon and Mark Lebiecki along with Brian Fraser have been at the core of their line-up from the beginning; they have found what works for them and are sticking to it. All of them are top notch musicians. We know from experience, once again because Parker and Jon were in a band together for a short time. Undesirable People are on the road frequently, so make sure to see them play when they are in town.

5. The Armed – “Dead Actress

No. Rest. Until. Ruin. The Armed IS punk rock – arguably the best band in Detroit, and easily one of the best noise punk bands that exists. Period. They literally do whatever they want, and nobody does it better than them. Keep a close eye out. You never know what’s coming next.

6. Minihorse – “Fyea

“Fyea” has this great sense of catchy melancholia. It’s the sort of song that cuts directly into your soul, and you really lose yourself in it. It feels like a very laid back indie/rock track, but something about the thick, fuzzed-out electric guitar tone really drives it harder and makes it so much more than that.

7. The HandGrenades – “Wrapped in Plastic

The vocal harmonies going on in this band are just ridiculous. The HandGrenades do it better than most, but you need to see it live to really understand just how good they are. We had the chance recently to see them perform some brand new, unreleased material live at “Everyone I Owe” at The Loving Touch, and it was something else. Next level stuff coming from these guys, we promise.

8. Arc Pelt – “Gold

Arc Pelt (formerly Lettercamp) is another band we saw at “Everyone I Owe”. We were blown away by their set. The bass tone is absolutely filthy, the drums are monstrous, and the vocals are haunting and beautiful simultaneously. They’ve got all the elements working together flawlessly on this song.

9. Earth Engine – “The River’s Red

You’ve probably seen Earth Engine’s name popping up all over the place recently, and for good reason. They rule. There isn’t another band like them in Detroit. Earth Engine combines elements of rock and roll, jazz, and blues to put on one of the most unique and fun live shows in the area.

10. Fawnn – “Galaxies

Fawnn has been around for a while, but they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Their latest release, Ultimate Oceans, is one of their best yet. I’m a sucker for ambient, reverbed-out vocals and guitars, so “Galaxies” really jumped out at me as a favorite right away, especially since it is the first song on the album.

Thanks again to The Messenger Birds for dreaming up this week’s Playlist! We’re honored to share the music love with local artists! If you’re interested in becoming a guest DJ, leave a comment below!

And don’t miss your next chance to catch The Messenger Birds live…at Detroit Duo Fest!

Details below:

August 13 @ The Loving Touch
• 9 Duos. 2 Stages.
• The Messenger Birds’ CD Release
• Limited run of screenprinted Duo Fest posters will be sold for charity at the show to help with the Flint Water Crisis.


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