Kristy Stanford
CBS62/CW50 Intern

There are several things to be grateful for when you are on the brink of starting your business. Gratitude is one of the keys to riches. By showing appreciation to your business, partners, customers and anybody else who has a major role in helping you and your business prosper, you can increase your gratitude.

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Gratitude brings us happiness and also reduces anxiety and depression. While starting a business we can be under a lot of extra stress even though our business was created to help flourish and build us up. Today, I’m going to share five tips that have helped me increase my gratitude for my business and has helped my business to thrive!

Tip 1: Thank You Cards

Send thank you cards or letters to the people who do business with you. This is a great way to show them that you appreciate their business. They could do work with any other company, but they made a decision to put faith in yours. Fill the thank you card with love! Make it really personal so they can feel how much you really appreciate them!

Tip 2: Remain Grateful For Overflow

Always remain grateful for an overflow of money. Yes, starting your business is going to cost! But it’s worth it! We spend 30-40 hours working for someone else all the time, so there’s no reason we can’t invest time into our own. Your business is a personal investment. Don’t get overwhelmed with the bills. When you get them, look at it and say, “I am so happy and grateful that it is PAID IN FULL.  Thank you that I have more than enough money to pay my bills and live out my dreams.”

Tip 3: Have A Customer Appreciation Sale

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A great way to appreciate your customers is to give them a special sale that’s just for them. A good sale just for your customers benefits you and them and is a great way to say thanks. With everything I always say make it personal! Let them know you appreciate their business!

Tip 4: Appreciate The Negative

Learn how to appreciate negative reviews. Even if you get a negative comment, post, or customer, still continue to show them love. Being nasty or rude back to them will not help your business prosper. We must do all things with love and fulfillment. You did not start your business to show people that you could accomplish something, you started your business to provide a service to help others. Not everyone is going to like you. I REPEAT, NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOU! When the negativity comes, send a smile. Love on your enemies. Use it as motivation to get better and prosper!

Tip 5: Gratitude Journals

Things that you wish to thrive in your business or what you want to become a reality, write them down! Speak the things you wish to manifest. “I am so happy and grateful that my Instagram followers are increasing this month.” “I am so happy and grateful that my sales have increased this month.”

Starting a business or brand is fun. You get to see your vision truly become a reality. Good luck, grateful people!

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Kristy Stanford is a Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. She is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she studied in Electronic Media Film Studies and Comprehensive Communication. She enjoys doing interviews with different brands and businesses for her website Kristy also is an inspirational blogger and does photography and event hosting on the side.