Another week – another playlist! 10 Detroit bands, 10 individual reviews, 10 awesome tracks to entertain your ears. From us to you, one music lover to another. You can thank us later.

1. Trancers – “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You (Alan Parson’s Project)

The Trancers April release, Playing Songs By Someone Else EP (they’ve since released a new album on cassette, so check that out too!) is a mashup of some great oldies covers with a special modern twist by this surf rock, post-punk group. We admire their song choices and we can say without a doubt that they know how to take these jams to the next level. It’s an alternative play on a classic and we love the dynamic these guys put on each track. Aside from the covers the Trancers also have original stuff you should absolutely check out, because they know how to groove and we dig their style.

2. Feeble.Curses – “Blood

Ambient rock group Feeble.Curses released their single “Blood” off of their upcoming album, A Long Day Ago, dropping in December. It’s a noisy, shoegaze track with plenty of ambience, but also a beautiful compilation of drums and washed out guitar. The vocals are far off and dreamy as they float over a thick, repetitive bass. You’d never guess this was a duo endeavor, but don’t be fooled, these two know how to fill an empty space with epic sound and creativity.

3. Rayning – “Let It Drown

Another transcendent shoegaze group to check out is Rayning and recent release See You Soon. It’s an epic collection of ambient synth with hypnotizing back beats, perfectly delayed guitar and luscious vocals that soak through each track. It’s a relaxing, yet stimulating experience with layers of sound that seem to melt into one another. It’s like the watercolor approach to music and it’s painfully beautiful.

4. The Deliverance – “Electricity

Post-hardcore group The Deliverance is everything we love about local punk bands. They’re energetic, vibrant and witty with their lyricism making their single “Electricity” a ramped up, rollercoaster ride. The vocals are dominated by a gregarious front-woman who isn’t afraid to let it rip, while the band jams on behind her in perfect unison. These guys may remind you of a certain pop punk group by the name of Paramore…but they have an added style all their own and they know how to rock it.

5. True North – “Spread Apart

Simplistic acoustic artist True North released a 4-track album back in March called All Things Considered. It’s a heartfelt, emotional release with story-style lyricism flecked with romance and heartbreak. The acoustic guitar is bright and sprightly, cutting the somberness of each track while the vocals softly ride over the instrumentation. There are some beautiful harmonies and heart-tugging chord progressions. It’s worth a listen on a rainy day when you’re just not up for the usual happy-go-lucky.

6. Dalinian – “Silverside

Infectious indie rock group, Dalinian with their 2015 release, Keep Time with melodic guitar, inquisitive lyricism and an overall expansive sound. There’s a calculated approach to their music that feels uninhibited and impromptu, but it’s obvious how well-rehearsed they really are. There’s peaks and valleys throughout the album that take you on an emotional ride through angst, heartbreak, and philosophy. You’ll get a sense that these guys are more than just an indie rock band. They’re funky, sometimes bluesy and seriously good.

7. Small Parks – “Choices You’ve Made

Raw, noisy and downright awesome. Small Parks’ debut LP, Honest Light, released in early May is an adventurous, nostalgic experience through upbeat jams and catchy lyrics. They’re fast-paced and energetic with fuzzy guitar and fanatic drums familiar to that indie emo-punk genre. Small Parks knows how to rock hard, but can reel it in at the perfect moment for that heart-wrenching effect that gives us goosebumps. These guys may not be within city limits, but we’re happy to bring them into the Detroit family and hope to see them at a show here soon!

8. Boudoir Noir – “Wild Valentine

If you’re looking for something completely mesmerizing and new, Boudoir Noir’s release, Endless Dawn, from earlier this month is a dreamy, ambient and sensual listening experience with soaring vocals, beautiful production and exceptional instrumentation. It’s a beautiful mix of electronic pop, R&B and chill wave. It’s complex, layered and dripping with talent. The vocals are seductive and the harmonies are haunting. It feels organic and unique, like nothing you’ve ever heard. Don’t hesitate to give this a thorough listen, because we guarantee you won’t want it to end.

9. Taxon Clade – “Dance With Me

We couldn’t be any more excited to see these guys coming out with their debut self-titled album, which will be dropping next Tuesday, July 5th. Their single “Dance With Me” is a swooning, orchestral number with delicate acoustic and beautiful string arrangements dancing behind rich, unmistakable vocals. It’s campy and inviting, drawing you in for more. We can’t wait to hear what the rest of this release is going to sound like. We’re guessing it’ll sound like long summer walks mixed with the breeze of an open car window and a dash of childhood memories…or something like that.

10. Chris Degnore and The Black Drops – “Broken Hearted Man

Good old fashioned rock n’ roll coming at you from Chris Degnore and The Black Drops. The guitar licks are sick and their power-pop jams are catchy and infectious. “Broken Hearted Man” is a spin on the familiar, with bouncy energy and quirky lyricism. It’s beefed up by thick bass lines and complementary percussion. There’s nothing invasive about their music and it’s a pleasant escape from some genre’s harsher approaches. It’s just pleasant pop rock at it’s finest.


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