During a break from shooting season 12 of “Supernatural”, Jared Padalecki took to Facebook live to announce the latest evolution of his philanthropic efforts.

Padalecki showed off a shirt with the phrase “I Am Enough” and “Love Yourself First” and explained the what motivated him to create it.

He described how the phrases have been a mantra for the actor during the recent tragic events and how it allowed him to, “… accept love and help me keep fighting and help me love myself.”

Padalecki hopes to pass the mantra along to others and set up a store at represent.com/jared to sell the shirts with a portion of the proceeds going to charities.

According to the site’s description of the shirt Padalecki writes, “In addition to finding charities that support the fight against depression, self harm and suicide a portion of the proceeds of the Rainbow tee will be donated to OneOrlando and Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund.”

Last May, the CW TV star launched a similar campaign under the slogan “Always Keep Fighting“.


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