“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation,” Brian Tracy (Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur).

I have recently started focusing on where to place all my negative energy -and that is nowhere. I no longer let negativity hold a permanent position in my life. Once I started practicing an attitude of gratitude I began to notice my life took a positive change. I started having more confidence in myself. I received wonderful internships and media experience and also had the courage and power to start my own company.

That is why I started workshops to help others build up the different areas of their lives. The Gratitude Workshops were created to help empower and train our minds and hearts to see a life of prosperity. It’s all about putting faith behind a thought. Your mind is your most powerful tool. If you can change the way you think, you can change your reality.

Recently I spoke to a mentor program for young girls at Ralphe Bunche Elementary-Middle School. I talked to young girls about learning how to empower themselves and each other. These workshops include different exercises to help you become more open to other people around you and are filled with material to help guide you in counting your blessings.

This summer I will be hosting another Leadership, Gratitude and Branding Workshop in Los Angeles, California. This one is geared to adults and business owners.

Here are some key steps I use in my workshops and in my gratitude challenges:

1. Count your blessings. By counting your blessings you benefit by reducing health or mental challenges you may struggle with. Also, by counting your blessings you’re in the process of recognizing and being grateful for everything that you have in your life.

2. Gratitude Journal: I have several journals that I carry with me just in case I need to write down some positive affirmations or prayers. I can honestly say this method is highly effective when practicing gratitude. Take some time in the morning or at night to write out your thoughts. These are the times where you can write out what things you are grateful for. The important thing is to begin the daily practice of paying attention to gratitude-inspiring events and to write them down. Example: “I am so happy and grateful that my morning will go extremely well and my drive in to work will be easy.”

3. Affirmation Boards: Visuals are always a great thing to have to strengthen your focus on gratitude. If you know that you’re always stressed out at work, write an affirmation board and leave it there. Fill the board up with positive affirmations to yourself. Example: “I am so grateful that I enjoy doing my job. I am so happy and grateful that I am helping others.” Speak the things you wish to come into existence.

4. Self-Talk: Be aware of thoughts and words you speak to yourself. If you continue to say “I am always tired,” guess what? You will always be tired. But, if you say “I am always filled with energy” then you’ll find power in your words. Always remember that an Attitude of Gratitude opens the key to abundance, prosperity and peace.

Kristy Stanford is a Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. She is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she studied in Electronic Media Film Studies and Comprehensive Communication. She enjoys doing interviews with different brands and businesses for her website KristyLoveMedia.com. Kristy also is an inspirational blogger and does photography and event hosting on the side.   



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