On Tuesday, June 21st, Detroit will explode with sound for the 1st Annual Make Music Detroit Festival. On the longest day of the year Detroit performers will take to the streets, parks, and venues around our great city and show everyone just what we’re made of. All genres and artists are accepted, so the variety will be explosive! The event is free (you heard us right…FREE) for all ages.

This city-wide event is a time to celebrate the music in our community, the importance of music in our lives and raising awareness of the broad spectrum of artists we have residing in our neighborhoods. You’ll find artists at venues like Third Man Records, Cass Cafe, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Harmonie Park, and many more indoor and outdoor locations throughout the city.

This festival begins at 12PM and will end at 12AM. That’s plenty of time to get out and explore the beautiful sights and sounds of Detroit!

In honor of the 1st Annual Make Music Detroit Festival, we compiled a short list of some artists performing throughout the day on Tuesday.

(There are so many more genres and performances to experience, so make sure you head downtown and give your ears some love!)


1. Atmig – “Pail

Folky, singer-songwriter tunes with poetic lyricism and raw vocals. You also get some shoegaze qualities dropped in there that make this a great psychedelic-folk listen.

2. Windstar Soul – “Lemon Balm and Honey

(credit: https://www.facebook.com/Atmig/app/2405167945/)

(credit: https://soundcloud.com/windstarsoul/)

Jazzy, sexy and smooth with R&B undertones that’ll have you grooving. The vocals are sophisticated and perfectly harmonious with complementing keys and crisp electric guitar.

3. Panda House – “Bridges

Alternative rock group, heavy on the bass and melodic guitar. These guys keep things on the somber side with soaring vocals and dreamy chords. Don’t let it fool you though! These guys are intense.

4. Looze Cannon – “Pesos”

Hip-hop with a Motown flare. Looze Cannon has smooth rhymes and sick beats that surprise and entice. Don’t miss your chance to see him perform!

5. Heather Black Project- “You Go To My Head

Thick, smooth jazz with some of the most sultry vocals you’ve ever heard. It’s a modern, jazzy spin on the infectious sounds of 40’s big band performances. It’s a coffee shop favorite!

6. Le Ren – “More

This ambient, electronic artist takes swooping soundscapes and mesmerizing beats to transport you to another universe. The vocals are haunting and distorted, soaring over mixed tracks that add energetic flare and dimension to their songs.

7. Doogatron – “We Never Partied At The Packard Plant

This Detroit house artist mashes thick synth with other-worldly beats to create a swirling array of tones and melodies. There are ambient aspects to the track, but don’t be fooled because these 40-minute sets will keep you moving.

8. Delta 9 – “Robot Symphony

Jazzy reggae with a touch of electronic blues and sultry vocals that you’ll swoon over. This artist is smooth as butter with a groovy touch that’s soulful and totally unique.

9. The Bed Band – “In Whateverland

Fuzzy, lo-fi indie with a touch of 70’s rock n’ roll. Everything about these tracks is chill psychedelia with goofy lyrics and dreamy vocals. It’s pure experimental creativity at its finest.  

10. The Jazz Cycle – “Morning Dance

The perfectly traditional jazz group with a tasteful twist. The percussion is soft, the saxophone is strong and the bass is earthy. We can’t think of a better group to chill to.

Have an artist you’d like to see featured on future playlists? Do YOU want to be on a playlist? Let us know in the comments!

We’d love your feedback!


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