Ferndale is about to get a little taste of nostalgia this weekend with the return of some beloved Detroit bands for a two-day festival called Everyone I Owe. Interesting choice of event name, right? Well, if you were around a few years ago (2011 to be exact) you’d be in on the little secret. This event is a something along the lines of a “re-do” of a previous promise that never came to fruition. It’s a call-to-action, a creative stand and maybe even a bit of a parody.

Everyone I Owe is the product of a former festival by a similar name, Everyone I Know. It was brilliant idea that was…until it wasn’t. So here we are, half a decade later, celebrating with some of the best acts in Detroit (new and old) to recreate that event and bring it on home for those bands that can finally claim their much deserved IOU. Since some of these bands haven’t performed together in years, it can be a bit daunting to have them break their hiatus for a short time, but Leah Diehl from Lightning Love seemed excited to have the opportunity to perform again.

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“When we stopped playing, we were all so burned out. I think we had lost everything we enjoyed about playing together. But we practiced last weekend and it was really fun. I think we were all kind of surprised at how easily everything came together.”

We can’t wait to see some of our favorite acts take the stage once again and want to give kudos to Jesse Shepherd-Bates (of The HandGrenades and formerly of The Satin Peaches) and Jo Champagne (of Siamese) for being the brain-children behind this event and bringing these bands back from the past. Also, shout out to Zach Shipps (of Ferndale’s RV Audio Lab) who will be mixing and mastering the live audio for all of the bands to go along with the live footage. We can’t wait to see/hear the finished product!

The first night of the show begins at The Loving Touch on Friday, June 10th. Doors are at 7pm and tickets are $10/night. The second night is the same time, same place with a whole new set of bands!

So in honor of Everyone I Owe, we put together a special selection of a handful of the terrific local artists performing on Friday and Saturday night that you should absolutely check out. Don’t miss the other bands though! We recommend the two-day pass, because you can’t miss this once in a Detroit lifetime event.

Friday, June 10th

1. The High Strung – “On Your Way Up

2. Siamese – “White Jacket

3. IllyMack – “Squirrels

4. Lettercamp – “Buy In

5. The Savage Seven – “I Wanna Luv

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Saturday, June 11th

6. The Satin Peaches – “There’s No Way

7. Lightning Love – “Deadbeat

8. The Kickstand Band – “How It Feels

9. The Oscillating Fan Club – “My Grave Face

10. Citizen Smile – “Leslie

So, in the words of Josh Malerman from The High Strung:

“I see Everyone I Owe as more than just a show; I see it as a stand, without being so forceful, a don’t being turned back into a do. And what, in art, is prettier than that?”

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Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.