Beats that make you want to move your feet all night long resonated through the streets of Detroit Memorial Day weekend. The Movement Festival took over Hart Plaza for its 10th year in the city of Detroit. Each year the festival attracts thousands of people from not only all over the country but all over the world. People come to the city to enjoy this music where it all began right here in the Motor City.

The Movement Festival recognizes and honors Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Detroit is the birthplace of this genre of music so what a perfect place to hold the festival each year. Juana Llorens from Washington D.C. attended the festival for the fourth consecutive year. “The people from Detroit show hospitality each year for Movement. It just keeps getting better and better they keep doing new and interesting things,” said Llorens.

Many people from Michigan enjoy the festival as well. Josh Fuhrman lives right down the street from Hart Plaza, “if you like to have fun and have a good time this is the event for you,” he said. Throughout the three-day weekend festival goers have the opportunity to hear over twenty DJs and enjoy food from food trucks within the plaza grounds.

The CW50 Street Team had a blast listening to the music of Movement. We look forward to attending the festival next year!


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