It’s almost time for the holiday weekend, and we thought we’d give you guys something to take with you during your Memorial Day festivities! Take a peek below for some groovy tunes to jive to on the way to your party destination.

Remember kids: Party responsibly – rock on obnoxiously!

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1. The Bruised Reed – “Messed Up

The Bruised Reed released two tracks last month under the album name Doubles Vol. 3 (following Doubles Vol. 1 and 2), and it’s a playground of indie rock with sultry vocals, heavy drums, catchy guitar riffs and delicious synth. The Bruised Reed is no stranger to the Detroit scene and have been adamantly releasing material that rolls slow-core and fuzzy, pop-psychedelic into one. There’s heavy arrangement on these tracks that make the experience dreamy and swooning, but then there’s that unmistakable rock quality that brings you back down to earth and sucks you in. The dynamic is intoxicating.

2. Pines – “In Heaven

We don’t like to pick favorites around here, but it’s hard not to when Pines drops this single on our head, like a ton of reverberating electric guitar angels from the heavens (sorry, too much?). Anyway, we’re excited that they’re offering “In Heaven” (and a second track!) on 7″ this Saturday, May 28th during Bled Fest in Howell. Their sound has crossed into the shadows with thick reverb and methodical drums. The vocals lull the listener and never seem to break above a certain tone which keeps the track level and calming. The bass is rampant for the entirety of the song and really warms up the listening experience as the guitars hammer along. Keep an eye out for their upcoming LP, which they’ll begin recording in June! 

3. Cousin Mouth – “Fake Sex

Alien R&B drenched in soulful beats with groovy vocals over trippy guitar – that’s what we’re dealing with on Cousin Mouth’s recent release, “Fake Sex”. It’s got that traditional R&B feel, but there’s a plethora of experimentation that takes it to a new dimension. The production of this track is clean and methodic with swirling beats and effects filling every inch. It’s a smooth jam with lots of bells and whistles (not literally, though) that make this a special track to keep in your playlist on those days when you just feel like slowin’ it down and gettin’ groovy.

4. 3FT – “Your Death

3FT’s 2015 release, “Your Death,” is a high energy rock n’ roll track with high-octane guitar and unrepressed drums that speed you through head-banging riffs and, of course, some killer tambourine, just for kicks. It’s intense and jam-heavy with solos running rampant and lots of sick bass runs. The vocals cut the sound in half with sharp enthusiasm and energy. This is on the verge of a punk jam, but there’s a lot of psychedelic stylings that push it more to the alternative rock n’ roll side of things. It’s just sick is what it is.

5. LIN-SAY – “Run Wild

A pop sensation right here in our backyard, Lin-Say’s new single, “Run Wild,” from her debut album, Shut Up & Pick Me Up, is a sexy, ballad-esque pop track that’ll take you back in time to young love, hopeless romanticism and unapologetic intensity. Her voice is a powerful and dynamic with an impressive range that soars over classy string arrangements and strong bass beats that keep its pop-appeal. She’s making her way through the mainstream, so don’t miss out on this release!

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6. If Walls Could Talk – “Beautiful You

Alternative rock group If Walls Could Talk meet sweet, romantic and energetic pop with a mainstream familiarity that is recognizable to many and makes their sound widely accessible. Their single, “Beautiful You,” is off of their upcoming EP, What Would They Say?, dropping Friday, June 3rd at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. If you’re privy to the pop-rock genre and looking for some upbeat tunes with all the guitar jams and piano riffs, check out their page and head over for their release show next week!

7. Lilac Lungs – “New Kid

Showing up on the scene a little less than a year ago, Lilac Lungs has made waves in the Detroit scene with the their debut self titled EP, which hosts an array of tracks that are both entertaining and self-reflecting. There post-hardcore rock vibe may remind you of some familiar acts, but this duo knows how to shake things up and keep it unique. The vocals will be the first thing the you notice upon listening to their track, “New Kid”. They’re bright and intense with some tasteful effects and smooth harmonies. It’s like the new age of post-hardcore that’s reviving from the early 2000’s and they know exactly how to make it their own. It’s powerful, youthful and definitely rock-worthy. Welcome to the scene, Lilac Lungs!

8. Shiver – “Undaunted

Shiver is an indie pop group with killer guitar, vocals and drums ripping through with a fiery energy. The dreamy female vocals play nicely with the gruff male vocals, creating this dynamic that makes their sound both Motown and ’70s psychedelic. Their single, “Undaunted,” is an uplifting jam that gives you that “take on the world” feeling with kick a** lyrics and revved-up guitar solos that peel your face off. This single is slightly different than the other singles in their arsenal, but we like the direction it’s heading and hope they keep that rock n’ roll vibe going.

9. Rottinghouse – “Rottinghaus


(credit: Lisa Poszywak and Jaye Thomas)

Dark wave, electronic artist Rottinghouse creates a desolate and futuristic sound with his 2014 release Rottinghaus, a two-track compilation with synth-heavy beats and mesmerizing vocals. The listening experience is a haunting combination of dreary and energetic that makes you feel like you’re in some type of psychedelic horror film. The pulsing coldwave beat will send shivers down your spine in the best possible way.

10. Trigger – “Norma

Guitars galore! This hardrock group brings all the heavy feels with their 2014 debut album, Handbook For The Hopeless. It’s soaked in thick, reverb and hammering guitar solos that we can’t get enough of (the hooks are to die for!). The perfect balance of charming and grotesque, these guys know how to take typical hard rock and make it unique. This album is an intriguing listening experience because you get the soft, harmonized tracks complementing the heavier stuff that makes this more than just fuzzy guitar mish-mash. It’s well thought out and masterfully composed to keep you engaged and invested in the sound with all that awesome headbanging and screaming. Well done!


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Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone! We’ll be back next week with another playlist of our favorite Detroit artists.