The CW50 Street Team celebrates kids and culture at the 6th annual International Children’s Festival at Henry Ford the second High School in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The fun family event featured food from around the world, a bouncy house, clown, face painting, and cultural dances. Children and adults alike got a chance to learn about and experience other cultures. Traditional dances from Poland, Japan, Macedonia, and the Ukraine, to name a few, were performed by kids to represent their heritage. While the kids danced, the adults cooked traditional foods for everyone to enjoy.

The Street Team had an amazing time learning about places from around the globe and watching the children perform traditional dances. Volunteers from different cultural societies get together to organize the event every year in hopes of connecting the community and making relationships stronger. CBS’s own Carol Cain emceed the event. One of the events organizers Yunus Zeytuncu says the Sterling Heights/Troy area is an ideal location for such an event because of the very diverse neighborhoods of people living there from all over the globe. The Street Team truly enjoyed this event and hopes to attend next year.