Never seen a Detroit Proud Playlist? Don’t know how to properly navigate the world of Detroit music? Well here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of your Detroit Proud experience:

Step 1: Like Detroit music
Step 2: Click the Detroit Proud link
Step 3: Click the song hyperlink and listen to awesome Detroit music
Step 4: Read (or don’t read) our personal take on said awesome music with words that sound nice
Step 5: Enjoy Detroit music, because why else would you be here?

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Congratulations! You’ve just completed a Detroit Proud Playlist! Want more practice? Of course you do! We’ve got a surprise below…MORE MUSIC! WOO!

1. Payback The Thief – “Go Away Now

This three-piece group puts a new spin on roots rock with their recent release Bar Bet. It’s a heavy and soulful blues number with thick and fuzzy guitar and lots of sensual lyricism that’s both sexy and a bit maniacal. The female and male vocals play back and forth as if telling a haunting love story. It’s dark, whimsical and loaded with the perfect amount of distortion that we love so much.

2. Dirty Copper – “Wizard

Their debut self-titled album released last month and it may be the most accessible punk rock album we’ve heard in quite some time. Their songs are absurdly catchy and their sound is full of life. We can’t get over the nasty guitar solos and tight rhythm section, it’s just too darn solid. This punk rock trio knows how to engage the listener and layer heavy punk innuendos with slick rock n’ roll that will make you want to groove. Take a listen and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

3. Superbomb – “Some Things

Alternative and grungy, Superbomb released a self-titled album back in 2013 and we figured we’d dig it up for this week’s playlist! It’s got that throwback vibe with desert rock guitar and mysterious vocals. The percussion is modest and the bass is high, giving their tracks a darker feel that resonates throughout most of the album. If you’re looking for something on the chill and angsty side, this album is perfect for you.

4. Jon Babich – “The Magikal Truth

Did you know that one of our favorite sound guys, Jon Babich, has a band!? Well he does, and now you know, so go listen to his 2012 release, So Called Life… A Metaphor You. This may be archived material, but we had to bring it out because it’s so groovy and jam-heavy! There’s much to explore on this release with psychedelic synth, auxillary percussion and sick riffs. Babich does a great job experimenting with genres and tempos, making this an adventurous listen with lots of entertaining tracks.

5. DandyLyon Whine – “The Company Ink

(credit: wood burned logo by Brandon Frye)

(credit: wood burned logo by Brandon Frye)

Aside from their intriguing band name, DandyLyon Whine’s 2015 release, The Fine Game of Nil, is a mix and match of genres and styles ranging from indie folk rock to psychedelic experimental with soaring vocals. Each track is a surprise, because you just don’t know what you’re going to get. The lyricism is a web of storytelling with the perfect instrumentation to capture the vibe. DandyLyon Whine sways the genre spectrum and doesn’t disappoint.

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6. DL Rossi – “Hold On

(credit: Jenny Rossi)

(credit: Jenny Rossi)

DL Rossi takes singer-songwriter to new heights with his 2015 EP The Apartment. It’s delicate in instrumentation, but powerful in vocals and lyricism. Sometimes you don’t want to overshadow the depth and impactfulness of the writing with grandiose guitar or percussion. It’s a perfectly-balanced piece of music with a certain natural warmth to the sound that often swells up and out; smoothly expanding and contracting. DL Rossi’s voice is haunting and ghostly as it hangs in the vastness of each track. This EP is a solid soul searching release that will have you still until the last chord is played.

7. Kent Koller Trio – “Eyes For You

The Kent Koller Trio is whipping up soulful and jazzy tunes with gorgeous harmonies and relaxing guitar, overtop simplistic, shifty drums and smoky bass runs. Koller’s voice is soothing and soft, while the lyrics are colorful and imaginative. Their video singles are entertaining to watch, and they all seem comfortably absorbed in their craft. We’re going to try and wait patiently for a release in the future.

8. Welman – “New England

Post-hardcore group Welman brings us their 2015 debut release, Meteorology, just to make us all angsty and sad, but man…we’re not even mad about it. The sound is raw and fresh with brash vocals and fast-paced guitar, muddled with sharp percussion and rumbling bass. Their sound has that flippant garage rock vibe, but don’t let that trick you into thinking they aren’t tight, because they definitely are. It’s the kind of music that gives you a chance to not care too much about anything except loud and fast sounds blasting your eardrums, and we definitely enjoy that.

9. The Good Things – “My Wife

The wait is over and The Good Things’ LP is finally coming to fruition with a release show scheduled for July 2nd! I Am The Good Things has been a long-awaited venture and a worthy one at that. The preview track, “My Wife,” is a calamity of DIY percussion, keys, and guitar with vivacious vocals and anthemic harmonies. The sound is bright and energetic, nevermind the snarky lyricism; it’s a happy slap in the face. There’s an organic vibe that resonates from the music, making it easy to sense the TLC that went into creating this release.

10. Turncoat Indians – “Eternity

Noisey and a bit avant garde, Turncoat Indians’ release Simple Machines is a lo-fi, indie jam record that is both intriguing in its mystery and simplistic in its delivery because it’s just good rock n’ roll. There’s a myriad of instruments that come together across the album to create a fuzzy, dream-like sound, but the mainstays are the guitar, bass and drums that float along methodically. The guitar is always vibrant and energetic with nearly every track and sets the tone perfectly. You don’t know what the next song holds, but that’s half the fun! We’re looking forward to what’s next for these guys.


Come back next week for even more Detroit music that will blow your mind! In the meantime, comment below and let us know who you would like to see on future playlists!

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