By @GeorgeJFox — George Fox

You know that moment when the series finale ends on your TV show. You’re despondent, not sure what to do next. It sucks. It especially sucks when you don’t have another show on the back burner.

(photo: istock)

(photo: istock)

Don’t let post finale blues get a hold on you. Be prepared with one of the 10 CW shows with full seasons available to watch on Netflix.

“Jane the Virgin”
“The Vampire Diaries”
“The Originals”
“The Flash”
“The 100”
“Beauty and the Beast”

Get full details including season availability thanks to the people at Popsugar.

And when you’re all caught up on one of the currently running shows you can either buy a few episodes on Amazon or Apple TV to catch up to the web archive.

Who knows! Maybe you’ll be so in love with “The 100” or “Jane The Virgin” that you’ll join the honored ranks of the live viewers.

Tweet your live reactions to shows you see on CW50. We’re watching retweeting, liking and following.



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