By George Fox — @GeorgeJFox

Hold on to your butts for the coolest pet crib you’ve ever seen complete with live plants, visitor center, high security fences and iconic Jurassic Park gates.

The scientists didn’t stop to think if they should build a miniature Jurassic Park for a tortoise, but that’s okay, because it’s freakin’ adorable.

Photographer Oliver Turpin made a home fit for a tiny T-Rex or a Leopard Tortoise in this case and posted a video Monday detailing the dinosaur-theme-park-themed habitat. The video has scratched out 200k views in two days and hatched hundreds of dinosaur jokes.

YouTube user Henryguitar95 quipped, “That’s some damn good cgi right there.” Don’t be fooled though, Turpin spared no expense on what appears to be expertly crafted conventional effects.

The question remains whether this tortoise will breed on it’s own or perhaps escape. If the movies taught us anything these unexpected events are assured as Dr. Ian Malcolm once said “life, uh, finds a way.

Does anyone else think this guy’s name is strangely close to Terrapin?


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