This week on Street Beat host Karen Carter takes a look at severe weather and the things people need to do to stay safe.

Rich Pollman (credit: CW50)

Rich Pollman (credit: CW50)

First, Rich Pollman, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist from the National Weather Service of Southeast Michigan, discusses severe weather warnings and our changing weather.

Danny Costello (credit: CW50)

Danny Costello (credit: CW50)

Then, a Hydrologist for the National Weather Service, Danny Costello, talks about the impact water has on our weather.

Chuck McDougall (credit: CW50)

Chuck McDougall (credit: CW50)

Next, Karen learns what happens in the wake of a disaster from Chuck McDougall, the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services Director.

Finally, Chief Meteorologist Jim Madaus gives Karen a behind the scenes look at forecasting the weather.


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