We hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We’re back on the grind with another playlist for your listening pleasure.


1. Dave Menzo – “Dream Of Me

(credit: Design by Dave Menzo, Pete Ayers and Joel Gutzki)

(credit: Design by Dave Menzo, Pete Ayers and Joel Gutzki)

Dave Menzo brings us into a world of swirling sound with his 2014 release, Color Wheel. Soaring vocals with repetitious lyricism mesh with layered guitars that engulf you into a highly stimulating environment of instrumentation, providing the listener with a playground of sound. Color Wheel is a kaleidoscope of genres, from synthy pop to psychedelic rock and beyond. Menzo’s experimentation and full-bodied sound is an entirely new world to be discovered.

2. Books On Tape – “Home

(credit: Juliet Johnson)

(credit: Juliet Johnson)

This nostalgic, lo-fi single is a basement recording at its most wholesome. Books On Tape will be releasing a full-length album this summer and this recent single is a perfect way to pop the top on their efforts. Their vibe is low-key and contemplative with pronounced guitar riffs and a modest rhythm that balances dreamy indie and rough garage rock. The lyricism is simplistic yet heartwarming which makes for a reflective listening experience. We’d pair this track with a nice summer drive at dusk.

3. Rarewolf – “Hotel

Potentially the next Detroit dance single? We think so! Rarewolf’s single “Hotel” is a funky electro-pop groove with addictive synth and hypnotizing vocals. Enticing and catchy, this track is classy and sexy with an upgraded R&B sound that will get you swaying to the beat. We can’t wait for summer to get here so we can catch Rarewolf live!

4. Scientific Sunshine – “Rendering

(credit: Scientific Sunshine)

(credit: Scientific Sunshine)

Perfectly charming and vibrant, Scientific Sunshine’s 2015 release, Chaarmy, is an electronic, futuristic adventure with melodic vocals backed by heavy synth and bass beats. The tunes are spacey and ambient with a perfectly ethereal vibe. There’s a lot of experimentation and originality that makes this album fun and intriguing. Take a trip through Scientific Sunshine’s dreamscape. You won’t be disappointed.

5. The Kung Fu Lovers – “Kung Fu Love

If you want to have a good laugh, but also headbang ’til your brains are mush, then The Kung Fu Lovers are for you! They’re “fun” rock persona is hard to miss in their clever and often humorous lyricism and theatrical vocals. The instrumentation is far from lacking, filling every inch of each track with heavy electric guitars and a thick rhythm section. Kung Fu Lovers effortlessly entwine raunchy humor with wholesome rock n’ roll, making their performance a can’t-miss experience.

6. The Savage Seven – “Sorceress

(credit: Ashley DuPuy)

(credit: Ashley DuPuy)

Riding a psychobilly wave while incorporating punk rock undertones with hints of surf and alternative rock is where The Savage Seven seem to reside on the genre spectrum, and it’s an ingenious combination of diabolical and heavy, yet oddly charming. The vocals are in your face and unrelenting while the instrumentation sets the tone, which ranges from epic punk to alternative rage. Their music may be dark and brooding, but their energy is perfectly-channeled madness.

7. Parkway & Columbia – “Legal Documents

(credit: Artwork by Jacob Floyd, design by Tyler Floyd)

(credit: Artwork by Jacob Floyd, design by Tyler Floyd)

Ambient and melodic, Parkway and Columbia bring us their dreamy, soft rock release, Transmissions, and we can’t help but play it over and over. Each track is thoughtful and mellow with heartbreaking guitar riffs and otherworldly synth. The instrumentation is beautifully done with a no-holds-barred approach to how many or what type of instruments they want to incorporate. This offers a full-circle listening experience and maintains an element of mystery, because you never know what’s coming next. We highly recommend this for your next low-key gathering. The vocal harmonies are distinguished and unique, and the guitars blow us away with every chord. Don’t forget the intermittent auxiliary percussion (also our favorite) and thoughtful lyricism.

8. My Girlfriend Beru – “Apartment

(credit: Photography by Darren Cheng, art & design by Megan Lewin-Smith)

(credit: Photography by Darren Cheng, art & design by Megan Lewin-Smith)

My Girlfriend Beru’s recent release, Peaches, is a surfy, lo-fi listen with youthful and vibrant guitar riffs, cymbal heavy drums and melodic bass runs. The vocals volley between sharp and melodic with lots of juicy lyricism that’s both catchy and playful. These guys will raise your spirits and we’re happy to ring in the spring with this new release.

9. Windstar Soul – “Lemon Balm And Honey

These tracks may only be samples, but they are some of the grooviest couple minutes you’ll experience today. Windstar Soul is every bit as soulful and jazzy as you can imagine. The vocals are soft and buttery smooth with sophisticated guitar riffs and groovy drum beats. Windstar Soul has those distinctive Detroit roots that permeate their sound and make it feel like home. If these are only samples, we can’t wait to hear their debut EP!

10. Rowan Niemisto – “Gimme A Reason

Romantic and perfectly composed, Rowan Niemisto’s EP release, Inertia, is an R&B dreamscape with luscious beats that flow effortlessly alongside harmony-driven vocals and wholesome guitar solos. There’s a very systematic pattern on each track that is easy to get lost in. It loops and twirls, but always maintains that balanced rhythm. The lyrics are sensual and soulful, teasing the beat with each verse and engulfing Niemisto’s voice, as to not take away from the hypnotizing instrumentation.  It’s the sound of the city and it couldn’t be anymore lustrous.

Our ears are always waiting for the next best Detroit artist, so nominate your favorite artist in the comments and maybe they’ll be on next week’s playlist!


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