Another week, another Guest DJ-ed playlist! We caught up with members of the Detroit indie/rock band, Go Tiger Go to see what they had to say about other Detroit artists! Here at Detroit Proud, we pride ourselves on our vast interest in different bands and offerings of our fan point-of-view, but we know getting the perspective from fellow artists puts a whole new spin on the listening experience and we’re pumped to share what they had to say. So take a look below!

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Paul (Go Tiger Go): The city of Detroit is full of incredible bands and talented, creative musicians. It’s hard to pick just ten tracks to satiate the Motor City musical cravings. Here are the tracks we’ve been jamming out to lately. I can’t wait to see, hear, and experience even more.

1. Valley Hush – Children

Valley Hush

(credit: Lianna Vanicelli)

The fusion of crunchy, reverb guitar and shimmering synth combine with an infectious chorus on Valley Hush’s song “Children” off of their EP Don’t Wait. Having experienced the band for the first time at Fallout Fest, it was easy to see how they’ve created a harmony of club beats and rock rhythms.

2. The Ill Itches – “My Sister’s Possessed”

The Ill Itches have read the book on Detroit garage rock, and it seems like they’ve added a few chapters themselves too. “My Sister’s Possessed” soars with screaming vocals, a slightly funky beat, and in your face guitar parts. We caught their set at the Hamtramck Music Festival and I felt like I was somewhere at CBGB’s circa the Iggy era.

3. Cheerleader – “Quencher”

You wouldn’t want to run into Cheerleader on a bad day, then again maybe you would because this band rocks. This song is like an anthem for the badass, complete with angry breakdown and everything. The track is from their live session at GBS Detroit, and can be complemented with a video upon searching. If these punky riffs aren’t enough to satisfy, fear not, the band will be releasing their full-length in April.

4. Two Cheers – “The Explode Boys”

Bringing some of the sunny California vibes back to the beautiful state of Michigan, Two Cheers combines indie-pop vibes with the right amount of infectious hooks. The lead guitar part will have you dancing in your seat. This track is layered with harmonies and little nuances you won’t want to miss. Best listened to with headphones turned up (that, or driving along the beach).

5. YUM – “YUM”

YUM packs a powerful and energetic punch, and to get all of that sound out of one guitar and one drum set is pretty epic. Definitely reminiscent of early Black Keys, but with a way cooler Detroit twist, the band’s self-titled track brings the noise. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things, so putting YUM on the “must see” list is definitely a must.

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6. Mango Lane – “600 Film”

Mango Lane is bringing a shoegaze vibe to the streets of Detroit. “600 Film” is hazy and atmospheric with some catchy harmonies throughout. Bands like Real Estate come to mind in certain guitar parts, then again the sci-fi synth sounds seem to create something in a completely different realm.

7. White Bee – “Hey Mama”

When I want to groove, I listen to White Bee. Not only is the live show jumping and fun, but the recordings still capture the jam and bring it right to your soul. Vocals are a huge component of what makes this band great, and Shannon Barnes does not disappoint. Strong lyrical melody and shifting tempos make for a great combination, and a pleasure to listen to.

8. Tart – “Buzz”

(photo credit: Cybelle Codish and album design: Courtney Foyt)

(photo credit: Cybelle Codish and
album design: Courtney Foyt)

The dark, slithering track from Tart would make the perfect anthem for any post-apocalyptic dance party at New Zion. Industrial beats and machine shop guitar riffs fuse into a wall of sound that drive from start to end. The duo produces some great tones and swelling hooks. Their live show is just as energetic and cool as the recording leads on.

9. The Messenger Birds – “Sunlight”

(credit: Kimberly Rose Tomlin)

(credit: Kimberly Rose Tomlin)

Another talented Detroit duo, The Messenger Birds seem like the byproduct of The White Stripes and Soundgarden. While there are infectious falsettos in the vocal melody, the range of tonalities from the guitar also surprise and delight. Though called “Sunlight,” this track is definitely best suited for any time past midnight.

10. A Year In New York – “The World Goes Darko”

Originally drawn in by the title, we’ll round up the playlist with something on the heavier side. A Year In New York are a lot of fun to watch live, I mean not that many people play with their mouths and a tuning fork in the same song, but their recordings don’t disappoint either. “The World Goes Darko” builds its foundations in harder rock, but layers gently with ambient overtones. A great combination.

For more information on Go Tiger Go, check out their Facebook page and don’t miss their next show on April 9th at Crossroads in Ypsilanti!

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Thanks guys, for sharing your words with us!