The CW50 Street team kicks off the Spring with a trip to a different universe… the Ypsilanti Comic Con! This dimension was filled with people in costumes of their favorite characters. We even saw the characters from the CW50 show, “The Arrow.”

Local vendors also showcased their artwork. Robert Gora, Jr. of Trench FX & Designs created alien creatures out of super sculpty materials because of his fascination with the genre. “I love the community. I’ve met really good friends that I only get to see at this [event],” said Heather Cooper of Phoenix Girl Creations.

There was also an interactive room for Ghostbusters fans with the trap and a foam gun to capture the blowup monster. Kids and adults enjoyed capturing this airy ghost.

Although the Ypsilanti Comic Con was small, it was a great way to dabble our way through the world of comic books. Whether you are a constant goer or a newbie to Comic Cons, this was an event worth experiencing.

The CW50 Street Team is looking forward to our next Comic Con event. Hopefully, we see you there (in costume)!


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