It’s finally here! The 3rd Annual Hamtramck Music Festival is this weekend starting Thursday, March 3rd, and running all weekend until Sunday, March 6th! This year’s festival is bigger and better than ever before with 25 venues and 210 local artists (you read that right…over 200 LOCAL ARTISTS!). This is one for the books, ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve ever wanted to experience local music at its finest, then you definitely don’t want to miss this epic event.

Since the venues are spread out across the ever-so-lovely city of Hamtramck, you’ll be able to pop in and out of different bars, cafes, and shops, getting earfuls of glorious music and taking in the sights and sounds of our favorite ethnically-diverse hotspot.

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So how do you attend the 3rd Annual Hamtramck Music Festival, you ask? Well you purchase a wristband, of course! This magic piece of plastic jewelry will give you full access to all of the venues around town, so no worries about paying cover everywhere you go! Each wristband is $10 and can be purchased online or at specific locations across Metro Detroit (see the list here). Most of these venues are 18+, so this is a night for the big-kiddies and the elders. However, we guarantee you’ll feel like a youngster once the giddiness of the event hits you as you see your first show of the night.

There will be music, food trucks, beer, tons of people and tons of places to visit this weekend at HMF. So take the time to check out their homepage and start mapping out your itinerary for the weekend, because you’ll need it!

Now, if we haven’t captured your attention yet about how awesome this event is…let us mention that the Hamtramck Music Festival is powered by the people and artists of Detroit. These volunteers are putting in their time and talent to make this the best festival it can be. The next best part about HMF? All wristband proceeds go toward the non-profit, 501c3 organization Ben’s Encore. This non-profit provides instruments, music lessons, and scholarships to inspired young musicians and underserved school music programs.

How awesome is that?

It’s so important to keep the music and talent alive in the great city of Detroit, and what better way to serve our community than having a killer music festival that sends the love right back where it belongs, in the hands of our youth. 

HMF events will begin with a kick-off party on Thursday, March 3rd at Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck. Festivities begin at 7pm on 2 stages with 9 bands playing music ALL NIGHT LONG. So don’t wait until Friday to get the HMF vibes flowing, Thursday is calling your name! Oh, and don’t forget your wristband!

So now that you get the gist of this bombtastic event, here’s a special Detroit Proud Playlist, featuring some randomly selected artists that you’ll be able to enjoy this weekend!

Carmel Liburdi
1. “Birthday Cake
2. “Actin’ A Fool

Singer-songwriter Carmel Liburdi is a young, witty artist with a phenomenal voice and some mad chops on the acoustic guitar. Her songs hold more weight than most with thoughtful lyrics and storylines that will pull you in and never let go. Check her out at the Rock City Eatery at 10:15pm on Saturday, March 5th!

The He Bops
3.“The Arrangement
4.”Drop Out (The Sheriff Quit The Scene)

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The He Bops are a punk rock trio with hardcore lyricism and basic head-banging instrumentation that adds intensity to their complex and unique vocal performance. The bass is heavy, the drums are chaotic, and the guitar is melodic. Check them out at the Polish Sea League on Friday, March 4th, at 9:15pm!

Unlimited Head
5. “High Time For Sunlight
6. “Hoo-ray

A high energy rock n’ roll group is always in season, so take some time to check out Unlimited Head at 9:30pm this Friday, March 4th, at Metro Pub. The guitar riffs are nasty and their playing style will have you off your feet and movin’ your body all night long. These guys know how to bring that rock groove with a flair all their own.

7. “Blink Out
8. “Along The Metallic Shore…

A mash of surf, post-punk, and experimental, Trancers have a groovy sound with a harsh edge that keeps it from falling into the lighter-fare category. It’s unpredictable and chaotic with dreamy hooks and fast-paced guitar work. Your ears will thank you. Don’t miss their 9:30pm set at Metro Pub on Saturday, March 5th!

9. “Moon Beams
10. “Dead Of Winter

No newbies to the Detroit music scene, The Volebeats have been bringing jams since the late 1980s. Their melodic, folk-pop, desert vibe is timeless and familiar as they’ve rocked their way through the years and still maintain that classic Detroit groove. Catch The Volebeats at Paychecks on Saturday, March 5th, at 11:45pm!

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See you this weekend, music lovers!