By Raquel Parks

The winter blues can make it difficult to come up with exciting, new looks for the daily hustle to the office. Avoid the monotony. Don’t leave all the fun for the weekend. Bring some variety to the work week.

Dress up a business-as-usual-look with touches of runway inspiration. Check out a few easy tips on how to do so.

Winter is all about the layers. Embrace them by wearing patterns, different fabrics, and colors on top of one another. The contrast of each element can add dimension to a business look. Instead of a suit, imagine putting a tweed blazer with a colored silk blouse underneath it and a pencil skirt.

Or create a look by pairing a colored Polo sweater, a lace scarf around the neck, and a pin-striped pair of pants together. Both ideas may sound tricky but it can work and be interesting.

To make this look successful, consider colors and patterns that work well together. For the best result, try it on at home to pull the look together for the desired look. Next, examine your accessories.

Handbags should be the exclamation point to your look. Stop carrying the same satchel to work all week. Choose handbags that are different in color, style, and shape to act as an interesting companion to compliment your everyday looks.

That does not mean a new handbag, necessarily, has to be worn every single day. But mix it up a bit to add some variety. This small gesture will add something special to a daily outfit.

Between the snow storms and slushy days, a fashionista must always be equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws her way. Therefore, outerwear and shoes are essential to trudging through. They also offer the opportunity to showcase personal style.

When opting for a warm winter coat, make a stylish statement. For example, the standard puffer or parka coat is ideal for staying warm and dry on a typical winter day. However, there are so fashionable choices nowadays.

A great choice is faux fur. Faux fur can easily jazz up a winter coat and easy to shop for if it’s not already in the closet.  It’s a common and fun way to add luxury to an ordinary item. On the other hand, if fur is not a personal preference, consider a coat that offers a great fit.

A winter coat does not have to be oversized and shapeless.  A warm coat with attention to fit is an awesome way to show style. To achieve fit, slip on a coat that has a draw string or belt that cinches a little at the waist. Again, it’s a subtle step that can make a world of a difference. Show off that shape!

Also, explore the endless styles of coats out there.  A trench coat for instance is perfect for the awkward winter weather and spring. Trench coats come in many colors and have different accents such as prints and pleats. Be open to more options. Outwear does not have to be basic. Use it to accessorize.

When it comes to shoes, the sky is the limit. A fabulous pair of shoes can completely wake up an outfit. In the winter, it can be cumbersome to change shoes between home and the office. Who has the time? Pick a shoe that looks and feels great all day.

A leather, flat riding boot works really well for the office. It can be worn from the car to the office, without compromising functionality or fashion sense. A stylish bootie can go a long way for the not-so-cold days that are not messy outside.

Lastly, do not pack away the heels for winter. Save them for Fridays or additional days at the office that spark a more playful mood for fashion. Implementing all these interesting details can quickly make office wear appealing and different from day to day.

Consider these small tips to change up your look. Don’t get stuck in a rut. The goal is to change your mood and perspective on fashion to create stylish looks every day. Embrace the winter with fresh thoughts on fashion while keeping a look out for spring.

Raquel is a Michigan native with a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Michigan. She loves fashion and writing about life’s everyday stories. She has written for various local publications that include Dearborn Press & Guide and Detroit Fashion Pages. Raquel also writes for her own local events blog, Metro Diva Pages.


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