Take everything you know about music and forget it, because these artists have something else in mind. Give ’em a listen and see for yourself…

1. Teen Lust— “Pittsburgh Turnaround

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Teen Lust is a hardcore, punk group with a high-energy sound that is pretty mosh-worthy, we’d say. The drums pound unceasingly, while heavy guitar licks fill the tracks. Their EP, The Fountain Ring Disaster, is a nonstop trip of what seems to be an angst-driven piece of work. We love the nonconforming attitude these tracks possess and we’ll definitely be keeping it in our back pocket for those days when you just want to zone out to some dark, heavy jams.

2. Belterra— “Brave Knight

This synth-heavy artist takes us on a futuristic journey through cyber worlds of 1980’s sound, blended with the nostalgic melodies of our Sega video game days. His self-titled release is whimsical and adventurous, but not so abstract that it’s hard to groove to (it reminds us of that emergency room game from back in the ’90s, don’t you remember?!). Belterra does a wonderful job making synthpop accessible and dance-worthy. These tracks are well thought out and flow perfectly, so let’s get intergalactic with this album and jam.

3. Border Patrol— “Toxic Thought Machine

Quirky punk-folk group Border Patrol dropped their single, “Toxic Thought Machine,” this December, and it’s a campy, quirky jingle with heavy acoustics, sing-song lyrics and doo-wop style vocals. This is a fun listen that will have you bopping to the beat. Don’t let the goofiness fool you, these guys know how to rock and it’s an entertaining listen when you need a pick-me-up.

4. Those Hounds— “Black Cloud

It’s rare that you find a two-piece group bringing hardcore tracks with minimal involvement from additional artists. Collaborating is the best (in our opinion), but these guys have it all figured out on their 2014 release, Mother Earth Is Sick. It’s groovy, fuzz-garage rock with a sinister twist. The sound is full, the lyrics are poetic and dark, the vocals are raw, and the guitar riffs are intoxicating. It reminds us of desert rock (also known as stoner rock), and will have you hypnotized throughout the entire album. There’s nothing obtrusive about it, it’s like listening to slow jams, but only if those slow jams were drenched in motor oil. Don’t get us wrong, there are some fast-paced tunes on this, which are just as sick. Take a listen!

5. D’Coolette— “Lake State Fight Song

Electropop, computer rock solo artist D’Coolette is a fun and inventive music-maker that brings adventurous, futuristic sounds to our ears. It’s reminiscent of ’80s synth-pop, but has that electronic vibe and bravado of technological advancement. The tracks are dreamy and upbeat with layers of vocals and intricate drums beats. It’s authentic and has that DIY personality we admire.

6. Carjack— “Theme 2013

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Another one-man wonder, Carjack is a lo-fi, electronic, rock mashup with interesting vocals and lyrics that will send the listener into a carefree, alternate reality. A lo-fi junkie’s dream, Lo-Fi Bri dabbles with drum machines and his guitar to create a groove all his own and is unmatched in most aspects. The guitar riffs are thick while the electronic drums and synth dance in the forefront. It’s like flying a into the galaxy to defeat evil alien scum with the power of space-punk. It’s glorious.

7. Jibs Brown— “Red-Headed Woman

Blues and R&B artist Jibs Brown cooks up some catchy, southern-inspired soul in his recent release, “Red-Headed Woman,” which features a grassroots-style sound and toe-tapping rhythm. As with most blues tracks, the lyrics are simplistic and leave room for an extravagant arrangement of drums, guitar and other unconventional instruments. Brown’s voice is sultry with a bite of attitude mixed with a perfectly soulful twang. We recommend throwing this on after a long day when you just want to relax or need a little bit of that rhythmic healing. Go ahead, sway to the music, we won’t judge.

8. Copneconic— “Go Away

This band is a hard-hitting, lo-fi punk rock group from Fenton (in the way, way out) with a sick beat that we can’t help but get behind. Their freshman release, Never Knows Best, is a mesh between some of our favorite old school post-hardcore and classic punk, with a more upbeat and youthful sound. Their lyrics are playful and imaginative with hints of angst, and the guitar riffs are pretty majestic. Their tracks will make you want to dance, or at least frantically bob your head because it’s just downright FUN. Enjoy this modern twist on the early 2000 classics.

9. Mountain Babies— “The Cottage

(credit: Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design)

(credit: Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design)

Mountain Babies’ junior release, The Cottage, The Creek & The Spirit, is an intricate singer/songwriter release with an array of instrumentation playing to the familiarity of indie, folk powerhouse Fleet Foxes. It’s earthy, emotional, and natural. The harmonies haunt you throughout the entire album, while these multi-talented artists coax you into a wooded dreamland. The tracks are reminiscent of an old family folklore passed down through the ages and brought together for the sole purpose of being complimented by these rugged folk melodies.

10. Bronze Mambas— “Ghosts

You can’t get any more fun and energized than the Bronze Mambas freshman release, Back From The Dead, Vol. 1: It’s Alive. It’s a fun release that hits you at neck-breaking speeds. The intensity is infectious and really revitalizes the listening experience. The guitars are crisp and rhythmic, while the vocals roar over thick drum and bass runs. It’s grungy and psychedelic with a sprinkle of some modern alternative. There’s so much edge to this album, we can’t help but rave about it. It’s tastefully aggressive with explosive attitude and grit.


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