The CW50 Street Team rang in the New Year with the 2016 Annual Plymouth Ice Festival. Although this year was a bit warmer than past years, it didn’t stop the town from enjoying the coveted winter festivities.

The warmer weather helped to bring out more people to the festival but also proposed a big challenge for the ice carvers. “You have to be more aware of your joints and fraction points” said Lauren Klapec from OCC’s Ice Carving Team. “My eagle lost a wing!” It was Klapec’s third year participating in the festival and she enjoyed seeing all the people come out and watch her team work.

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“It’s just so much fun overall. There’s things to do for the whole family” said attendee Dennis Vebancsyk. However, ice was not the sole focus of the festival. Wood carvers were also present showing off their skills and talents as people gathered to watch.

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The festival was not only open to humans but our four legged friends were welcomed as well. The Mousseau family brought their dog and new puppy to the festival because they thought it would be a great place for them to socialize.

The CW50 Street team enjoyed this unseasonable warm weather but hopes that it will drop a few degrees to preserve all the creative carvings that the ice sculptors constructed. Not too many degrees though Mother Nature, we would be alright with five or ten.

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The Plymouth Ice festival was a perfect way to kick off the New Year with family and friends. The CW50 Street Team hopes that everyone enjoys 2016 as much as we will!