The third annual Secret Friends Fest is back at The Loving Touch this weekend, January 8th and 9th, for two nights of local and not-so-local bands (including bands from our northern neighbor, Canada!). Secret Friends Fest hosts some of our favorite Detroit artists, while fans from far and wide gather to enjoy the vibes of our city, as well as join our music community for a social weekend of music scene newbies and veterans. All are welcome to find their new favorite sound this year at SFF and we can’t wait to mix and mingle with the best Detroit has to offer.

This week’s playlist was curated with a thorough mix of artists you can find this weekend at The Loving Touch, but a full line-up of bands and set times can be found on the Secret Friends Fest event page.

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We’re pumped to start 2016 loud and proud. Check it out!

1. Heaters—“Kamikaze

2. JUNGLEFOWL—“Whipper Snapper

3. Prude Boys—“Fishfly

4. Junk Food Junkies—“Straight Faygo Klown’n

5. The Deadly Vipers—“Left On Gophkah

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6. Rogue Satellites—“In Crowds

7. Deadbeat Beat—“Runaway

8. Five Pound Snap—“Belle Groove

9. Human Skull—“J. Ramsey

10. Minihorse—“Over My Head


There’s plenty more to see where that came from, so make sure to head out to The Loving Touch this weekend and get an earful. Maybe you’ll make some new friends in the process.

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Purchase your weekend pass for $16 HERE!