Detroit artist GRiZ – along with his label, All Good Records – is spreading holiday cheer throughout Metro Detroit this season, leading up to his homecoming GRiZMAS show at the Masonic Temple this Saturday night!

The super-electro, funkilistic, sax-pialidocious (yes, we made up our own words here) feel-good vibes GRiZ provides fans and concert-goers is being shared with those in need; he’s using proceeds from events attended by his rapidly-growing, loyal fanbase to help support the Little Kids Rock Foundation! (Plus, he’s collecting tangible items like coats and doggie donations for other local charities).

Each of the twelve days before this Saturday’s GRiZMAS show, the All Good Records crew have organized a charitable event, donation opportunity, or a musical showcase to assist local causes…and they’ve called this their 12 Days of GRiZMAS!

(We’re on Day 9 today, if you’re keeping track.)

Detroit Proud was excited to catch up with Jordan Kleiman of All Good Records, to talk about GRiZ’s sold out homecoming GRiZMAS show and the charitable efforts surrounding the 12 Days of GRiZMAS experience that’s helped support many Detroiters.

All Good Records


Check out our behind-the-scenes Detroit Proud interview with Jordan:

Last year’s GRiZMAS concert was a huge success. What can fans expect this year, and how did the idea for 12 Days of GRiZMAS come to fruition?

GRiZMAS was GRiZ’s biggest show last year. We asked, “What can we do to make this year more special?” Last year, we handed out Little Caesar’s pizzas to the hungry and homeless and wanted to do something similar this year.

We decided to create 12 unique experiences to connect with the enthusiastic fan base and reach out to those in need.

The GRiZMAS show this year sold out a month before the show, and we knew there was an opportunity to make a difference. For example, on Day 3 of GRiZMAS this year, we offered a limited number of [free] tickets – and fans had to donate a coat to get a ticket. We were able to gather over 450 coats for a great cause in less than two hours!

(Check out All Good Records and friends handing out pizzas on Day 4 of GRiZMAS this year) 

That’s awesome! What’s it like to help create such a positive impact?

It’s incredible. The fans and their friends are the real reason we’re making a difference for those who need a little help. Our event on Day 2 of GRiZMAS supported Detroit Dog Rescue (Detroit’s only no-kill animal shelter), and one of the organizers told us he had honestly never seen such a big turnout before. It’s crazy to plan events like this and see how many people show up for a positive cause.

(Check out All Good Records and friends supporting Detroit Dog Rescue on Day 2)

There’s only a few more ‘Days’ left before the GRiZMAS show…what else does All Good Records have planned?

Tonight (Day 9), we’re doing a beer tasting at ROAK Brewery. Tickets are available online, and we’ll also have some walk-up tickets. All the proceeds from the event will be donated to Little Kids Rock. Come out and hang with GRiZ! Our Street Team has worked with Little Kids Rock in the past, and we’re happy to help support their goals and mission.

Thursday (Day 10) is GRiZMAS Carols, where fans donated to have Christmas Carolers show up at a friend’s house.

Friday (Day 11) is the Night Before GRiZMAS show at Populux.

…and Saturday (Day 12) is GRiZMAS at the Masonic Temple! It’s sold out, but tickets to the After Party that goes ’til 4am are still available. Don’t quote me on my math, but I think with the show and after party, that’s like 12 straight hours of music. It’s going to be an awesome night.


(courtesy: All Good Records)

What can fans expect at the GRiZMAS show?

It’s a hometown throwdown! When GRiZ performs in Detroit, we’re always pumped. The last 12 months have been exciting – lots of new music.  GRiZ constantly reinvents his shows and the production. It’s going to be BONKERS!

Detroit Proud wants to thanks Jordan and All Good Records for helping Detroiters get into the holiday spirit…and getting us ready for this year’s GRiZMAS concert! Click HERE to listen to GRiZ’s latest album, “Say It Loud.”

After a funk-filled secret warehouse GRiZ show on Tuesday night at Detroit’s Jam Handy, Day 9 of the 12 Days of GRiZMAS continues tonight in Royal Oak at ROAK Brewery. Enjoy an evening tasting local craft brews with GRiZ and the All Good Records crew. Tickets are available at and 100% of the proceeds help support Little Kids Rock!

All Good Records and GRiZ fans have raised over $12,000 to donate to Little Kids Rock, to date, and have given back to assist many Detroit-area charitable causes.

Click HERE for 12 Days of GRiZMAS info and tickets…and find out more about All Good Records HERE!


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