We’re back with another fresh playlist of some of our favorite local artists! Take a break from the holiday stress and enjoy these tunes picked just for you–we know this is exactly what you wanted for the holidays.


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1. Willa Rae and The Minor Arcana—“Strawberry

A little bit of this and a little bit of that is what we get from Willa Rae Adamo’s single, “Strawberry”. It’s a fun, poppy groove with moments of rock n’ roll, folk, and even some punk. We love how vocals bounce over the darker electric guitars and up-front drums. Fun and entertaining, Willa Rae knows how to be clever and radical while maintaining a bit of sweetness. It’s innocent and honest, but will definitely grab your attention. Don’t miss them on Friday, December 11th at The Majestic Café!

2. Jackson and the Poolsharks—“Leslie

(credit: Kevin Kline)

(credit: Kevin Kline)

Groovin’ through the Detroit waters and making a splash is Jackson and the Poolsharks with their new release, “Leslie,” and it’s definitely something you’ll want to dive into (no more puns, promise). Jackson and the Poolsharks have a thick rhythmic beat with layers upon layers of guitar, thumping bass, and funky drums. Their tone is bluesy with a more modern spin on classic rock n’ roll. The vocals are raw and earthy with a raspy and sensual flare. You’ll find a lot of creative twists and turns with their style, and we guarantee this will be a song you can’t get out of your head. Stay tuned for their debut release!

3. Mountains and Rainbows—“Faulter

Lo-fi and filled to the brim with fuzzy, electric guitar and retro vocals that will take you right back to the early ’70s. Mountains and Rainbows have several singles released and each is just as groovy as the last. Their heavy, psychedelic rock sound is trippy and thick with an awesome DIY sound that we really dig. Feel free to bust out your best Midnight Special dance moves, because their tracks will transport you in time to a place where rock was king and the jams were downright groovy. Keep an eye out for their next show (we hope it’s soon!).

4. The Idiot Kids—“Nothing

The Idiot Kids take punk to a whole new level with their release, Manic. It’s a hardcore punk rock album, but these guys know how to manipulate their sound to transform it into something more than just pounding drums and slashing guitar. Each track is unique and offers a balance between the light and dark of punk. Some songs are more upbeat, while others are sinister and crawling. The Idiot Kids are keeping punk fun and weird. We can’t get enough.

5. Zander Michigan—“Bathtub Gin

American folk at its finest. Zander brings us the traditional bluesy folk that we’re all so familiar with. It’s homey and original with heartwarming harmonica and modest guitar riffs with sprinkles of roughed-up Americana and dainty duets. Zander’s, Zander The Great is a fun-loving record that feels like home, but takes your heart on the road with his folky, southern rock vocals and laidback lyrical style. You won’t be able to resist the beat, so don’t hesitate, get up and dance! We’re looking forward to some Zanarchy the next time he’s in town.

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6. Moon Lake—“Rewind

Moon Lake is an ambient and psychedelic group with dripping wet guitar riffs and dreamy vocals that serenade you to the ends of the earth. Their single, “Rewind,” plays with subtle effects that creates an other-worldly experience and carries you through the rhythmic beat of the drums and the deep bass runs. The tone is catchy while the lyrics maintain its simplicity and don’t overshadow the music, which makes it easy to focus on and groove to. The dreaminess of this track will definitely put you in the right state of mind, which is probably not a realistic one. We’re diggin’ it!

7. Traits—“Ready To Love

This lively indie rock bunch bring the hard-hitters when it comes to catchy, rock tunes and infectious beats. Their self-titled release from last year is an electrifying and often times dramatic album that is an easy listen with witty chord progressions and guitar riffs (don’t forget those keys, too). We love their high energy and ability to grab the listener from the first note. The guitars are bright and pushed to the forefront, making their sound uplifting and breezy. The vocals and harmonies just barely skim over the instrumentation, keeping the sound tight and thick. We’re hoping to catch these guys around Detroit sometime!

8. Shady Groves—“Plain Dream

Shady Groves are hitting the scene in Detroit with a very subtle and extremely tasteful bang. Their new single, “Plain Dream,” is a folky, dreamy mash of echoing vocals, modest drums, and haunting harmonies. The guitar is subtle yet powerful, creating a warm space within the song that wraps your mind in nostalgia. This sound is open and airy, with an emptiness that complements their earthy and reflective sound. We can’t wait to see (or hear, rather) what Shady Groves has next for us. Don’t miss their debut album, Bitzer, coming out in early 2016.

9. Arlow Xan—“Animals

Experimental and filled to the brim with talent, Arlow Xan takes music to a new level with their 2013 release, Futuristically Botanical. Enchanting, haunting, relaxing, and just plain entertaining, this release is jumble of beautiful ideas brought together with serenading vocals, unique instrumentation, and fresh ideas. Their complex and ambient sound is an artful landscape unfolding from inside your eardrum, with tribal beats and more instruments than we can count, and this record is a great one to get lost in. The sounds are natural, primal, and soothing. It’s a listening experience you won’t want to skip.

10. Buffalo Coven Party—“The Man Behind The Mask

(credit: Sara Chadwick)

(credit: Sara Chadwick)

Giving us a taste of some fuzzed-up, psychedelic rock is Buffalo Coven Party, a ghostly harmonizing group of rockers that bring some sinister funk we can definitely get down with. They may hail from Ann Arbor, but they’ve got that Detroit soul and know how to bring those sick guitar licks that soak the floor. The vocals are chilling and coated in a thick layer of reverb, pushing their voices deep into nothingness, while the instruments chug along with a groovy energy. Keep an eye out for Buffalo Coven Party – they’ve got some jams that will rock your socks right off.


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