The ooze! It’s coming! You can’t run and you can’t hide, because Creepy Cheapy VIII: Secret of The Ooze is taking over The Crofoot on Friday, October 23rd for another year of spooky shenanigans. Hosted throughout the entirety of The Crofoot complex, Creepy Cheapy is on its 8th successful year of hosting some of Detroit’s best bands. But don’t dismiss this wild event as just another Detroit show. Creepy Cheapy is where alter egos come alive! Bands will be playing as some of our favorite artists from past and present, dressing the part, and putting on a show that is bound to be a once in a lifetime experience. Not every Creepy Cheapy is the same, you see. Each year offers different bands, different acts and a different theme to keep everyone guessing.

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So, maybe you’re wondering where the “cheapy” part of this event comes in. Well, you little ghouls and goblins, Creepy Cheapy is just that—cheap! Tickets are only $5.00 in advance and $10.00 the day of the event (more money for your killer Halloween costume!). The beer is cheap, candy is free and the costumes are ghastly. Don’t think about showing up in your normal, every-day street clothes—what’s the fun in that? Maybe you’ve slaved over your costume for weeks for this event, or maybe you just realized that it’s this Friday and are throwing random household items together to create a more DIY look. Either way, costumes are a must and will make your experience at this year’s Creepy Cheapy VIII: Secret of The Ooze THAT much more special.

While more than 15 bands play on 3 separate stages across The Crofoot, you’ll also have a chance to participate in a costume contest and candy eating contest (beer always helps the candy go down). Oh, the excitement! You can’t miss this year’s Creepy Cheapy, it’s a sight to behold. The music, the crowd, the unwavering Halloween spirit — we’re pumped just thinking about it!

In honor of our favorite event of the year, we’re here to bring you the line-up of bands under the guise of some very well-known artists. Get ready for the eerie sounds of the night, while the darkness takes over your soul.

Creepy Cheapy VIII here we come!

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2015 Creepy Cheapy VIII Band Lineup:

ANA (American Noise Army) as Foo Fighters
The Strangers as INXS
Blind Season as Paramore
Nina and the Buffalo Riders as Joe Cocker
Khary WAE Frazier & Lo Deez as Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
George Morris and Ronny Tibbs as Simon & Garfunfel
My Pal Val (MPV) & Audra Kubat as The Breeders
The Messenger Birds as The Black Keys
Stikyfut as The Dead Weather
Citizen Zero as Van Halen
Bevlove as Nicki Minaj
Jet Black Blonde as Foreigner
Givensix as Marilyn Manson
Madhouse as Green Day
School of Rock as Black Sabbath
Erno The Inferno DJ Set
Ryan Spencer DJ Set
Get Used By Corporate Chemicals On Sunday…or Thursday:
A Soundtrack by Shapes & Colors

The Crofoot is located at 1 South Saginaw, Pontiac, Michigan on the corner of Pike St.and S. Saginaw St.

Tickets can be purchased online via the Creepy Cheapy website or at UHF Records in Royal Oak.

For more information about Creepy Cheapy VIII click HERE or find their event on Facebook.

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See you there!