Festival season has died down for a bit in Detroit, so this week we’re bringing you some of our top picks for the beginning of this beautiful fall weather! They’ll make you feel all warm and cozy inside, because Detroit music does that to you. Everyone knows that.


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1. Prude Boys – “Fishfly

As fuzzy as your favorite, old, punk rock teddy bear (you had one, right?), Prude Boys know how to keep their sound lo-fi and deliciously fringed, while still keeping up that garage rock vibe that’s raw and menacing. Their recent EP, Family Style Glamour, holds quirky lyrics and throwback style that make you feel like you’re caught in some, pre-punk, surf city mash-up. The guitars are fuzzy, the riffs are memorable and drums are fast — just the way we like them. Prude Boys will be touring starting October 7th and returning October 23rd to play the UFO Factory in Detroit. Don’t you dare miss it.

2. Young Punk – “Cool Cool Cool

(credit: Stephanie Luscombe)

(credit: Stephanie Luscombe)

Young Punk brings an interesting mixture of instrumental, dreamy beats with shoegaze-style guitar and reverberating vocals. The beats are hip-hop based and shed a different light on the typical electronic thump many of us are used to. There’s a lot of soul in their EP, Movin’ On Up, creating a music scape that’s rather intriguing, but very groovy. The female vocals weave in and out of guitar riffs and synth, giving their sound that swirling, otherworldly quality. Make sure to check them out this Thursday at the New Way Bar in Ferndale!

3. MARKET – “Wagon Wheel

MARKET’s self-titled release this past April will definitely have you head-bobbing with their high energy sound and jiving synth compilations. The vocals are subtle throughout most of the album, but on this particular track they mesh impeccably with the ambient tunes and get you dancing right away. This record is fresh and revitalizing, with bright synth-pop and rhythmic beats that give a spacey, open feel. You can find MARKET at The New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck tonight for a live set, so make sure you have your groovin’ shoes on.

4. Rebel Kind – “Very Vivid Personality

A mere hop, skip and a jump from our dwellings here in the “313,” you’ll find Rebel Kinda, a three-piece, retro rock n’ roll squad that’s keeping it classy with their hyper-throwback vibes and fuzzed out guitar licks. The muffled bass and drums gives it that far away, deep in a garage somewhere funkiness that can be hard to recreate via recording, but we have a feeling these gals aren’t trying, it’s just natural awesomeness. The vocals are psychedelic and have a swimming effect, making their most recent release, Today, a fun and youthful listen that will easily get stuck in your head. Check out Rebel Kind at Dreamland Theatre in Ypsilanti on October 2nd.

5. Flowers Bloom – “Yeah They Told Me

Flowers Bloom pluck at our old school heart strings with their hyper-psychedelic tunes kicking out some of the most genuine ’60s and ’70s garage rock we’ve heard in a while. Obviously flower children at heart, it’s easy to make the comparison to some well-known artists of the past, but Flowers Bloom makes a point to put their own modern twist on the classics that define this genre. The vocals drool along with a hazy effect, instantly transporting you to a smoke-filled room somewhere in your distant memory. The fuzzy drawls and peppy back beats keep their tracks interesting with a touch of predictability that makes them feel like you’ve known them your entire life. Enjoy this oldie-newie goodie, from our ears to yours. Check out Flowers Bloom in the near future for their EP release, featuring the track we shared here!

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6. Passage To India –“Petrichor

This single is an ear-grabber right from the beginning with a tantalizing guitar riff that opens up the rest of the song to a twinkling and emotional ballad. Heavy without the dark and dreary tendencies, Passage To India upholds a weighty alternative persona, but the melodic guitar chords and smooth vocals tone it down and bring it to a state of indie rock bliss. The guitar duo pair nicely filling out the sound of the track, while the drums stay in the forefront to maintain an air of denseness. The thickness of the bass keeps it all aligned in its melancholy state. When coming towards the build-up, it’s easy to notice the perfect execution and how it controls the listener to ride the fervent roller-coaster ride of the track until its bittersweet end. We know you’ll be all sorts of amped after listening to this, so stay tuned and we’ll see what’s next for Passage To India.

7. John Krautner – “Good At The Bad Things

(credit: Wartella)

(credit: Wartella)

Get on the groove train with John Krautner and the listening is easy. We’re not lying — every song is a funkified treasure. Fun With Gum is similar to that album you found in your dad’s basement from the late ’60s-early ’70s and couldn’t stop spinning it because it’s just so darn hype. The guitars are fuzzy and expertly muddled, while the drums crisply smash about and the bass lines run rampant. The vocals and harmonies are anthemic, but laid-back and easy-going, giving you that feeling of wanting to sing along. There’s a great deal of musical greatness happening with this release and if you’re longing for some nostalgic rock n’ roll — this is your album.

8. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – “Desert Brain

Their most recent release, Desert Brain, is a journey to the depths of the experimental, psychedelic realm. The instrumentals sound bright and clean with each song following effortlessly into the next. There’s an abundance of genres making mini-appearances throughout the tracks and keeps the listener highly engaged. Moments of rowdy drums and guitar play nicely with relaxed and rhythmic beats with speckles of synth, bits of peculiar sound-effects and haunting vocals. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor know how to tell a musical story and capture an emotion with an ampleness of sound. Take the journey with them on October 3rd at the Majestic Café in Detroit.

9. The Social Bandits – “Isabella

You’ll find The Social Bandits where rock, jazz, blues and reggae meet on their self-titled EP. This is a unique and intriguing space where many artists don’t venture. We all know that no one genre materialized out of thin air, and all that is musical has stemmed from a web of many ideas and influences, which is what makes this group so fun to listen to. There’s a collection of sounds and expressions throughout their tracks that cultivates a smooth, flowing sound and then switches gears to a hyper, rock-filled beat with swooning guitar riffs and expressive drum and bass. The vocals are energetic and harmonized for the perfect alternative kick to top it all off.

10. Bella Harmonia – “Charlevoix

Indie/folk group, Bella Harmonia bring relaxation and contemplation to a head with their freshman, self-titled release. Each song is heartwarming and rustic with open space between warm bass notes and twanging guitar chords. Their instrumentation is simple with plenty of layering between instruments. The drums sound faint and hollow, carrying the subtle beat of every track. The lyrics are poetic and descriptive, which makes it easy to be pulled into the scene that is drawn out through the melodic and harmony-filled vocals. This is folk in a beautifully basic form, so take a listen and check out their new release!


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